The 10 Most Amazing LED Strip Light Ideas for Indoor Home Decor

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Apr 27th 2020

The 10 Most Amazing LED Strip Light Ideas for Indoor Home Decor

LED lights have been around for more than 50 years now. 

Yet, they've only recently become popular. LED strip lights are all the rage these days, especially since they make it so easy to transform your space. That's why we're bringing you these LED strip light ideas to brighten up your home. 

Want to know our top 10 tips for interior decorating with LED strip lights? You've come to the right place, so keep reading. 

What's So Great about LED Strip Lights?

LED strip lights are flexible ropes of light-emitting diodes (LED). These unique contraptions typically come with a strip of adhesive backing. That way, you can easily DIY lights, lamps, and other projects to brighten up your home. 

LED lighting is far superior to typical incandescent bulbs like the ones you probably use to light your home. That's because this advanced technology offers brighter, more durable, longer-lasting, and more energy-efficient light for your home. 

Sound good? Then it's about time you started using LED strip lights in your interior decorating. 

10 LED Strip Light Ideas for the Home

LED strip light makes DIY decorating and projects so much easier. Simply peel off the back strip and adhere the strip lights to walls, cabinets, ceilings, and more. Check out these 10 ideas for using LED strip lights in your interior design. 

1. Make Your Small Room Look Larger

Nothing opens up a room like natural light. When you can't get natural lighting in your small space, though, you need an extra hand. That's where LED strip lights come in.

Apply strip lights to junctions between the walls and floors or the walls and ceiling to keep your tiny room looking large and in charge. 

2. Brighten Up Under-Cabinet Space

Sweeping and searching beneath kitchen cabinets has never been easier than when you install a few LED strip lights. Peel away the adhesive and stick your strip lights beneath the kitchen island, cabinets, or even your fridge. 

3. Place LEDs Around Your TV for Easy Viewing

Did you know that watching TV in the dark is bad for your eye health? Researchers from the Lighting Research Center found that participants who watched TV in low lighting reported eyestrain, visual fatigue, and inability to focus. 

The solution? Lessen the contrast between the lighting in your room and the light from the TV box. You can do this by adding LED strip lighting behind your TV or on the walls surrounding your TV. Install a dimmer for a truly luxurious theatre-like experience. 

4. Light Up Your Ceiling Like the Night Sky

High ceilings can look dark and dingey without the proper lighting. Often, a ceiling fan alone won't do the trick. Yet, pot lighting is expensive and tricky to install.

What you need are LED strip lights.

Install your lighting around beams or in between structural elements. You could even create a starry sky-like design with a little bit of creativity and elbow grease. 

5. Make a Shadow Box for the Kids

That's right, LED lighting isn't just for grown-ups. Kids love it, too! 

You can create an interactive shadow box in the kids' playroom. Apply your strip lights to the walls and place a cut-out in front. Better yet, let the kids create their own shadow box cutouts for a DIY project the whole family can get involved in.

6. Highlight Your Vignettes with Recessed Lighting

Wall vignettes are one of the top interior decorating trends of 2020. In interior design, vignettes are small arrangements of wall hanging to create an aesthetically pleasing picture. 

Vignettes often feature diverse collections of art, mirror, sculptures, shelves, and other wall decorations. These design elements vary depending on the vibe you're going for. Yet, all vignettes have one thing in common: they're meant to be shown off. 

Highlight your vignettes with recessed LED lighting. Place strip lights beneath shelves or in strategic locations to highlight your favorite objects for a foolproof vignette design every time. 

7. Install Extra Lighting for Detailed Tasks

Whether you're inspecting fruit in the kitchen or working on jewelry in your craft room, some jobs require a little extra light on the subject. Install LED strip lighting over your workplace for extra illumination for your most detailed tasks. 

8. Illuminate Your Staircase

Have a narrow or dark staircase everyone's always tripping over? Avoid a spill with LED strip lights installed on each step. This is also a great tip for custom stairwells you want to make sure your houseguests don't miss. 

9. Choose Colored LEDs to Set the Mood

Color theory in the design world says that certain hues bring about a specific state of mind. For example, orange is associated with energy while blues and greens provide feelings of peace and calm. 

You want to evoke different feelings in the various rooms throughout your house. You don't want a bright orange in the bedroom, or you'll be up all night. Similarly, choosing colors like green in the kitchen can help guests work up a healthy appetite. 

Since LED strip lighting also comes in various colors, you can use light to further enhance the mood of your room. Stick with your primary color scheme or add a rainbow of LED lights for a youthful and fun feel. 

10. Create a Custom Vanity Mirror

Perfect for the lady in your life, an LED vanity mirror is an easy DIY project with incredible results. Pick up a vintage or custom mirror. Then, apply LED strip lighting around the perimeter to make applying makeup and posing for selfies easier and more beautiful than ever. 

Where to Find High-Quality LED Strip Lights

Loved these LED strip light ideas and want to incorporate them into your home decor?

Then you've got to check out our collection of high-end LED lights. Browse our LED strip lights today and brighten up your home for 2020!

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