Security Lighting: Using LED Rope Lights to Improve a Home's Security

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Jun 22nd 2020

Security Lighting: Using LED Rope Lights to Improve a Home's Security

You might be looking for different ways to increase security measures in and around your home.

Perhaps you just moved into a new house and want some peace of mind to ensure your family's protection. Maybe there was a crime nearby and it's opened your eyes to the need for more security around your house.

Whatever the case might be, the one thing that can be your saving grace is light. It fends off criminals and vermin alike. 

Here are several tips that you can use on your LED security lighting, such as LED rope lights, to increase the safety of your property.

1. Eliminate the Blind Spots

Gone are the days where one measly floodlight on your driveway will suffice as "security" for your home.

Originally, the thought back in the day was that floodlights are only needed for the immediate entryways into your home.

However, burglars are clever. They don't need a door to get into your home. All that they need is a window and a blind spot of some sort. The less blind spots that you have surrounding your home, the less chance you'll have a burglar try to break in.

One of the best ways to cover your blind spots is with LED rope lights. They can fit any corner or side along your home's exterior and provide much-needed lighting.

2. Set Timers on Your Exterior Lights

As beautiful and useful as they are, you only need your exterior lights to be on when it's dark outside. 

Leaving them on all day can 1) cause your electricity bill to skyrocket and 2) lead to you replacing the lighting a lot faster than necessary.

For that reason, it's advantageous for you to set a timer on every lighting source outside your home.

Try to take notice of when it gets dark enough outside for you to turn your lights on each night as well as when the sun rises in the morning to turn them off.

If it gives you more peace of mind to have them on at all times, then, by all means, do so. Just know that cost will show up in the next electricity bill that you have.

3. Use LED Lighting for Every Fixture

You no longer have to deal with the grueling pain of using incandescent light bulbs for your exterior lights.

LED technology offers so many benefits to those that invest in it. It requires less energy consumption, lessens the safety risk, has a longer lifespan, and minimizes maintenance costs.

They also offer a brighter light that covers more ground and helps you see things more clearly in the dark.

For example, if you have a Ring Doorbell then you want to make sure it can capture a vivid image of any post-bedtime activity. 

If your front porch light has an incandescent bulb, it won't provide as clear of an image for your video records. An LED bulb, however, will help you make out facial details and see clearly in the dark where you otherwise couldn't.

4. Get Creative with Your Backyard

Perhaps your biggest concern about security is in your backyard. It has the least amount of lighting and may not even have a fence to provide protection.

If not, then you'll want to install a mixture of proper lighting, as well as a security camera or two for extra measure. 

However, the type of lighting that you place around it is entirely up to you. The more lighting that you provide, the safer that you will be.

For example, installing floodlights for your porch is a start, but also consider placing LED rope lights around the edges of your deck.

Also, consider the types of amenities that you have in your backyard. For example, you might have a pool, hot tub, grill, outdoor kitchen, etc. Be sure to provide lighting for those assets as well.

Placing a few lights around your pool, for instance, is one of the best ways to secure your pool from any possible disasters.

Using a mixture of fencing, lighting, and recording will ensure your backyard is as heavily-guarded as possible. Not only will your home be protected from the front, but it will also be protected from intrusion in the back.

5. Don't Forget the Sides of Your Home

Many people belittle the need for proper lighting along the sides of their home because of the limited space between them and their neighbors.

The close vicinity to their next-door neighbors gives them a false sense of security. As if that somehow automatically protects them from a burglar.

Remember this: if there is any part of your house without lights, the burglar will try to use it to their advantage. Don't focus so much on the front yard and backyard that you forget about the windows along the side of your home.

Be sure to supply your siding with LED rope lights, strip lights, or some decorative LED lighting fixtures that you're a fan of. Try to mix it up so that every inch of your home's siding has lighting shone on it.

Enhance Your Home's Security Lighting Today!

Now that you've seen several different tips on increasing your security lighting along your home, it's time to take action towards it.

Be sure to read this article on how LED lights can help save you money for more information on their energy-efficiency.

For more inquiries, please feel free to reach out via our contact us page and we'll be happy to assist you further!

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