Rope Lights: Home Theater Decoration

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Nov 29th 2010

home theater lighting

Rope lights are an interesting way to give your home theater a really cool look. Some people who have the extra space in their home decide to create a home theater. Sometimes they use the family room or maybe an extra bedroom. They put the TV in, sometimes behind curtains, and they add movie seats. If you have built a home theater, then you should consider decorating it with rope lights to make it feel like a real movie theater. You can put the lights along the ceiling that can be dimmed and brightened. Birddog Lighting Inc., says that their 120 volt rope lights can be dimmed. They recommend that you make sure that your dimmer has the right wattage capability to support the lights. With these rope lights you can take the lights down at the beginning of the movie and then bring them up again at the end, just like a movie in a real movie theater. You can use clear rope lights or colored ones. You can even splice colors together for a cool effect. You can also use the rope lights to line the aisle between the seats like they do in real movie theaters. This way if someone has to get up and leave during the movie, they can see where to walk without having to turn on the rest of the lights. You should remember that when you install your lights that you need to make sure you can plug the ends into an electrical outlet so that they will work. Birddog says that rope lights are easy to install, and they recommend installing these lights with mounting clips. They say that you should use one clip for about every foot of light. Mounting clips are fairly inexpensive, so it should not cost you very much to buy them. They also say that the lights are very flexible and can bend almost 180 degrees. Nonetheless, they say that you should not make sharp bends or kinks in the rope because this can cause the lights to stop working. So if you need to make a sharp turn, you should either use a new rope or allow the rope enough room to make the turn without kinking. Once you have installed your rope lights, your home theater will be ready for its grand opening. However you decide to decorate with your rope lights, you can be sure that they will look great inside your home.

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