Patriotic Lights: How to Light Up Your 4th of July Party

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Jun 19th 2023

Patriotic Lights: How to Light Up Your 4th of July Party

Holiday parties. They can be an excuse to see some distant relatives and old friends that you do not get to see all that often.

During the summer, it can be an excuse to get some fresh air and cook some food out on your barbecue.

A lot of Americans invest a decent amount of money to host such parties. The typical American can spend over $1,400 hosting parties in a single year.

If you are reading this, you are likely an American that wants to make the best of your summer holiday party. Patriotic lights are one way that you can do that for holiday parties centered around the 4th of July.

How can patriotic lighting improve your holiday party atmosphere? What tips can you use to do this efficiently?

This is your guide.

Use an Inflatable

If you want to leave an impression on your party guests, you need something that jumps out at you.

What can you use to accomplish this? Well, inflatables with LED lighting can help make your house stand out.

These lights are usually strong enough in an inflatable to make it stand out on your entire block. So, if you wanted to get an Uncle Sam inflatable for your 4th of July party, you can direct people to your house by telling them it is the house with this inflatable lit up.

It is a fun way to get into the holiday spirit and you can also use it as a centerpiece for your front yard lighting.

Entryway Lighting

If an inflatable is not enough to make your front yard stand out, one thing you may want to consider is improving the lighting at your front entrance. This one can be fun if you are willing to put in the work for it.

That is because you can use patriotic LED rope to cover the entire front yard of your house. The best part is that the entire rope is connected, so you do not have to go through a box of lights to figure out what lights go together.

With that said, you still need to know where you are going to put this entire rope. It is recommended that you stick with the roof and the gutters when it comes to this.

If you want to do something simpler, you can use it to light up the ground as your guests approach your house. That has additional benefits we will get to later.

No matter what you go with, people will appreciate seeing this lighting as soon as they get to your house.

Walkway Lighting

One thing that you may want to consider if you are hosting a party late enough is walkway lighting. When it gets dark out in certain areas, people may have difficulty seeing where they are going.

Well, there is a solution to this and you can still keep your patriotic theme. You can use red, white, and blue lights to light up walkways.

However, if you are set on only using one color here, our recommendation is to go with red lights. The reason for this is that red tends to be the most visible color to the human eye.

So, if the goal is to create a more visible walkway for people to walk out of your home safely, red would be the color to go with.

Living Room Lights

While 4th of July parties are generally considered outdoor affairs, you do not want to forget about your indoor rooms. This is good in case it rains on the day of your party or you want to take your party inside for some reason.

Something simple like string lights can be good to light up your main indoor room. If you want to put these in your living room or your kitchen, your guests may think it is a nice touch for your party. For extra fun, you can have lights that are red, light, and blue in here.

Backyard Lights

Finally, you are going to want to have some good lighting for your backyard. For most houses that host 4th of July parties, the main action is going to be in the backyard. That means that you are going to want to have the most lighting for this area of your property.

An example to make the most of this area is by using a fence in your backyard to your advantage. Here, you can use a patriotic LED rope to spread the holiday cheer across your backyard. This can stretch out far enough to cover your entire fence and have all of the holiday covers represented.

On top of this, it can add a little ambiance to your backyard. Since most people are going to be conversing in this area of your home, you want to make them feel as welcome as possible. This lighting can help keep your party going.

Get Patriotic Lights

These are some of the ways that you can use patriotic lights to decorate your house for your summer holiday party. You want to figure out which areas of your house you are going to prioritize.

This can be anything from having something pop out as soon as you arrive such as an inflatable. You may prioritize safety and choose to light up your walkways.

Or, you could focus on the main rooms for your party such as the dining room inside and your backyard for outside.

Do you want to see more USA lights? Request a free catalog here.

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