Patio Lighting Ideas: Using LED Lights to Create Cozy Patio Spaces

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Oct 24th 2019

Patio Lighting Ideas: Using LED Lights to Create Cozy Patio Spaces

Your patio is all set for summer, and now it's time to find your light. 

LED is quickly becoming the #1 choice for homeowners because of its amazing energy efficiency. In fact, as compared with older CFL bulbs, LED lighting decreases a home's energy cost by 60-70%, sometimes as high as 90%!

With LED, you're also not stuck with traditional bulb options. You can enjoy rope lighting, LED strips, and more, for a versatile design. 

When it comes to your patio space, you want to opt for soft, ambient lighting. That is lighting that exists as a backdrop before any extra lighting is added. It adds a warm, soft glow that feels inviting and easy-going. Think of it like lamp lighting versus harsh overheads in your living room: lamp light is always going to look cozier. 

Here are 5 patio lighting ideas to create your perfect cozy patio space for Summer!

LED String Lights

String lights are a fun, casual look for any patio space. They're easy to find and even easier to install in just a few hours. With this lighting style, all you need are some hooks or zip ties to secure the lighting string and a wall plug. Voila! 

If your patio is lacking in good anchors for string lighting, installing posts or wooden poles anchored in buckets of sand or concrete can be a cheap, easy stand-in. This option offers a more customizable approach to how you install your LED string lights. 

If you're one of the lucky few to have a trellis or wooden patio cover, try interlacing the string lights and crisscrossing them over your main patio area. You can even wrap the lights around trees. Go crazy with it! The more lights, the merrier. 

The great thing about LED? They can't overheat and cause a fire, so you can enjoy them anywhere! String lights are a guaranteed way to safely add some whimsy to your next outdoor dinner party. 

Shine a Spotlight

LED spotlights are an easy way to add some drama and multi-dimensional depth to your outdoor patio space. 

LED spotlights can be pointed at whatever you'd like to highlight in your backyard, whether it be your favorite tree, a decorative statue, or water feature. This optical illusion makes your backyard patio space look much bigger by highlighting things in the foreground and background. 

Simply stake the LED light in the ground pointing at what you want to spotlight! You can add several LED spotlights around the perimeter of your patio to give it a "closed in", cozier feel, like an interior room. 

LED the Way

LED rope lighting is not just delegated to under your kitchen cabinets forever. This versatile lighting style can be used outdoors too! 

LED rope lighting can be used to lead the way on a pathway in your backyard, or from your house to your patio. They can also be wrapped around structural elements on your patio, like beams, columns, or fencing for a fun accent.

Emitting a warm, subdued light, LED rope lights won't overpower your other outdoor lighting and will add depth to your backyard. Simply lay the rope lighting down flat on your gravel or brick pathway and secure it with staples. 

Another creative way to use LED rope lights is to line planters, or concrete and grass areas to add dimension and highlight certain areas you love most.

Modern Lanterns

Let's face it, traditional gas lanterns are a pain to maintain and keep aglow — not to mention a fire hazard. 

LED lanterns are the modern way to enjoy soft, romantic lantern light outdoors. LED Lanterns are easy to move, giving you endless options depending on the mood you're trying to set. They come in a wide range of styles that will match the rest of your patio space. 

Love the look of candles and don't want to let it go? LED lights can be found in candle form too, and they look just like the real thing! You get all the mood, without the risk. 

Place LED lanterns around a seating area, both on the ground and on tables. Hang some on overhanging trees or from a trellis for a soft, overhead glow. For dinner parties, use lanterns as part of the centerpiece to your table set-up. They're so versatile and safe that the options are truly endless! 

Hidden LED Strips

LED strips can be used for an ultra-modern look for your outdoor patio. Particularly great at accenting stairs, LED strips are thin bars of continuous, uninterrupted light that work wonders on subtly highlighting an object and adding an elegant flair.

You can even use LED strips underneath the furniture to make the space look bigger and more defined.

LED Strips used alongside other forms of light will add multi-dimensional, gorgeous lighting for your outdoor patio that can be used all Summer long, day or night. 

Final Thoughts on Patio Lighting Ideas

You've spent lots of time, money, and energy on creating an outdoor patio space that feels cozy, inviting, and ready for hosting. Don't let it all go to waste just because the sun is setting! 

With LED outdoor lighting done right, you can enjoy a romantic, cozy outdoor space in the wee hours of the night without breaking the bank on electrical bills. 

LED lights make it easier than ever to create your dream space. Get started today, and don't forget to share your project with us when you're done! 

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