LumiGrow Inc. uses LED lights to power indoor algae farms

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Jun 7th 2011

LumiGrow Inc. uses LED lights to power indoor algae farms

LEDs have become cutting edge technologies in business and residential lighting, but they also hold immense potential for agriculture. The lighting company LumiGrow Inc. has recently provided a line of fixtures to the Algae to Omega indoor farm that will offer energy-efficient illumination and allow it to run long into the night.

Algae is used in animal feed, pure omega-3 fatty acids and many other consumer products, but the high cost of the energy needed to grow the material has been a major burden for these farms. With the new LED lamps, growers will be able to meet algae's specific photosynthesis requirements while saving more than 50 percent of the energy as compared to other lights.

"What really drove our selection is that the LumiGrow system's adjustable color spectrum makes it the best choice for boosting algae growth," said Geronimos Dimitrelos, CEO of Algae to Omega.

If you have your own greenhouse or are looking for a way to backlight your plants, LED rigid light bars are the ideal choice. These versatile fixtures will require just half of the energy used by incandescent bulbs, and can attach to any flat surface with their 3M adhesive strips.  

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