LEDnovation unveils world’s first 50W MR16 LED replacement lamp

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Jun 28th 2011

LEDnovation unveils world’s first 50W MR16 LED replacement lamp

The 50 watt MR16 has been a staple of display lighting for years, but even this ever-popular incandescent fixture is standing aside for the benefits of LED lighting. LEDnovation has recently announced that it has created the world's first LED replacement for the 50W MR16 that's also Energy-Star compliant.

"Our new 50W Eq LED MR16-50 is the culmination of an extensive period of research and development in which we achieved new heights of efficiency in optical, electrical and thermal design," said Israel J. Morejon, CEO and president of LEDnovation.

These lights can be used for an enormous range of business applications and will help companies and their bottom lines by saving energy and bulb replacement costs. These new lamps boast 15 times the lifespan of the current 50W MR16 and will reduce energy consumption by over 80 percent.

Homeowners who are intrigued by this new energy-efficient technology can spruce up any room of their homes with LED rigid light bars. These fixtures are perfect for a small office, workshop or as an extra reading light, and they can affix to any flat surface with the aid of mounting brackets or their attached 3M adhesive strips.  

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