LED Light Strip Ideas for the Home: How to Decorate With LED Lighting

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Nov 14th 2019

LED Light Strip Ideas for the Home: How to Decorate With LED Lighting

LED lights are more than an energy-efficient alternative to other bulbs. They hold the potential to transform your home and make it look more modern without spending a lot of money.

What's even better than a single LED bulb is a lot of them. String LEDs can help highlight certain features or add charm to your indoor (or outdoor) spaces. From adding light to your entertainment areas to enhancing your backyard oasis, here are some LED light strip ideas that you can easily achieve yourself.

Use Them on Indoor or Outdoor Stairs

Stairs can be difficult to navigate in lower light. But that can be easily remedied by adding LED light strips along the sides of the staircase, or even running them under the lip of each step so you don't stumble. This type of lighting is also ideal if you have multiple levels on your backyard deck. 

More importantly, adding LEDs to your stairs (both inside and outside) can ensure your guests who aren't familiar with your property don't take a tumble. Oh, and it also looks pretty cool. 

Find Your Path

If you have a property with a lot of walkways, why not install LED strip lights along the edges? It will not only look somewhat futuristic but will also allow people to navigate your property easily. 

If you have small bushes or trees along the walkways, you can wrap them in LED lighting to create an appealing effect. 

Bright Ideas For The Backyard 

Tired of having to come indoors after dusk because of insufficient outdoor lighting? Well, with LED light strips you can extend that outdoor dinner party well into the wee hours (as long as your neighbors don't mind).

Drape the strings of lights in the rafters if the backyard space has a ceiling or awning. This will provide a uniform light that allows guests to see each other (and see what they're eating.) You can also wrap them around nearby trees or even install them along a fence to provide more luminance. 

Got a backyard pool? Use lighting around it to provide light if you're taking a late evening dip, or to warn people where the water's edge is. In this case, you might want to opt for waterproof lighting in case it gets splashed. (Some types are submersible, so you could put them under the waterline around the inside of the pool). 

Backlight Your Shelving

Searching around in the dark for that jar of cookies? Well, you don't have to turn the lights on and disturb others when a cookie craving hits late at night.

You can place LED lights on the back of the shelf or along the surface of them to make them stand out. That way you won't accidentally knock over the jar while fumbling around for them. Of course, LED lighting on shelving is also decorative in normally lit rooms, too. 

You can also add the lighting underneath your cabinets to provide a steady light source that can illuminate countertops in low light (just in case you want to make a sandwich to go with that cookie). 

Brighten Your Fridge

Speaking of midnight snacks, do you find it's difficult to find your favorite food items in the fridge, even with the incandescent bulb in there? Simple wire in some of the LED lights strips around the shelving and sides of the inside of the fridge, and voila! There's that chocolate pudding you were hiding from the rest of your family. 

Lay Them Under Your Bed or Couch

Is your kid complaining about monsters hiding under their bed and keeping them up? Perhaps they're always managing to lose something under the couch, leaving you struggling with a flashlight to locate it. 

Mounting some LED light strips underneath these pieces of furniture can make finding missing objects a lot easier (and prove the boogeyman isn't around). It also kind of makes your living room look like a night club. 

Create Color-Coded Storage

One of the great things about LED lighting is that it comes in many colors. You can use this to advantage when you're setting up storage areas. For example, in the kitchen, you can use LED lighting in box shelving so you know exactly what's in each compartment (spices, cooking oils, etc.).

This technique can also be helpful if you have multiple children in your household. Using box shelving or standard shelving, you can use a different color for each child so they can grab their stuff easily on the way out the door to school. 

Enhance Aquarium Lighting

LED strip lights can be attached to the underside of an aquarium lid to give your fish tank a cool glow. It also makes identifying each fish a lot easier when you're checking on them or feeding them.

This might be one example when you want to make sure your LED lighting is waterproof, just in case it becomes detached and lands in the water. 

Make Bottles Brighter For Decor 

Bottle lights are trendy in homes and restaurants for quite a while. But you don't have to be a rocket engineer to recreate them. 

With a bit of skill and perhaps a tutorial, you can insert LED strips into used wine bottles on tables and even hang them from ceilings for a more practical application. 

Switch On Your LED Light Strip Ideas 

LED lighting is extremely versatile, uses little energy and produces even less heat. They're not only fashionable, but they're functional, as well. 

That makes it ideal to use around the home because it's safe to the touch of curious fingers. It's also available in a range of colors to match your existing decor. 

When you've researched all of the LED light strip ideas you can and you're ready to get some of these compact but powerful lights for yourself, contact us today

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