Landscaping Lighting Tips: 6 Ways to Increase Your Evening Curb Appeal

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Nov 7th 2019

Landscaping Lighting Tips: 6 Ways to Increase Your Evening Curb Appeal

If you're a homeowner, you know just how important a good curb appeal is. If you don't know, then think back to the first time you saw your house that you now call home. What's the first thing that you remember loving about it? 

There's a good chance that the first thing you think of is something that you remember catching your eye when you first pulled up to the house. Was it the beautiful wooden front door? Was it a quaint garden?

Whatever it was that grabbed your eye, you'll be happy to know that there can never be enough of it. Here are a few LED landscaping lighting tips that are sure to increase your home's curb appeal! And not only are LED lights great for aesthetics, but they're great for safety as well. 

1. Rope Lighted Lantern

First on our list is lanterns that are lit up with LED rope lights. This is a great way to take any usual lantern and turn it into something unique. Purchase a lantern or a few and fill them with spring or summer decor that you love. 

Once you've added in your favorite seasonal decorations, take an LED rope light and gently place it inside the lantern around the chosen decor. The rope lights give the lanterns enough brightness to light up the surrounding area while still looking stylish. Set the lanterns on your front porch or on the sides of your front door's stairs outside. 

They're a great way to welcome guest and keep them safe when entering and exiting after the sun's gone down. 

2. String Lights in Trees

A great pairing for rope lighted lanterns is LED string lights in trees. If you're lucky enough to have trees in your home's front yard, then take advantage of them and use them as a way to light up your house! String lights in trees aren't only for the holidays. 

Place the string lights gently in the branches of the trees spreading them out evenly. You can also consider placing LED rope lighted lanterns or glass jars on the branches and hang them from the tree as well. Either idea is a beautiful way to light up the front yard. 

3. Rope Lights Around the Mailbox

Nothing screams, "sore eye" louder than an old and worn down mailbox sitting right in front of your home. Even if your mailbox isn't too old yet, it can still bring down the curb appeal if it's boring or just unpleasant. What's one way to increase the appeal of your mailbox?

Take rope lights and wrap them around it! This is an excellent way to light up the curb appeal and to make sure that none of your guests hit you mailbox when backing out of your driveway. 

4. Rope Lights Bordering the Walkway

Another good idea for adding curb appeal to the front of your house is to light up your walkways. This is a nice added touch for when you get home in the evening or when you have guests coming or going during the evening hours. Take rope lights and border all walkways with them.

Be sure to only line them on the border of the walkways or just on the outside of the border. You won't want to find yourself or your friends and family tripping over it. You can also consider buying small clamps that will ensure the ropes stay clamped down on the sides and low to the ground to prevent this from happening. 

A lit-up walkway or path right to your front door is the perfect way to add that curb appeal that you're looking for after the sun goes down. 

5. Rope Lights Bordering a Fountain

If you have a romantic fountain just outside your front door, then why not step it up a few notches and make it even more romantic and appealing by bordering it with rope lights as well. You can lay the rope lights around the bottom of the fountain, or you can line them along both the bottom and the outside or inside of the bowl where the water lies. 

Don't have a fountain in your front yard? No worries. Take anything that is the focal point of your front yard and wrap the rope lights around it. During the day, it will be the focal point that it always is.

And now during the nighttime, it'll still remain a focal point as it's beautifully lit up by the LED lights. 

6. Rope Lights Bordering Stairs

As mentioned before with the walkway tip, it's important that you and everyone else can see your way to and out of the house in the evening hours. This is even more essential if your home has several steps leading up to the front door. Trying to navigate steps after the sun goes down can be quite difficult. 

Take LED rope lights and border your stairs with them. This will take ordinary stairs and make them elegant all while keeping you and everyone else safe while traveling in and out in the dark. 

Landscaping Lighting Tips You Won't Want to Miss

When thinking about adding more curb appeal to your home, don't forget these 6 landscaping lighting tips. From LED light rope lanterns to decorated mailboxes, your home will be the talk of the neighborhood in no time! Remember to stay safe by lighting up your walkways but clamping the ropes down so you don't trip.

And for all of the LED lights that you'll need to complete these projects, be sure to shop with us today!

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