How To Use RGB Lighting To Brighten Up Your Home

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Aug 2nd 2022

How To Use RGB Lighting To Brighten Up Your Home

Lighting is a vital part of any house's interior decoration. Light can help us to improve our mood, aid in sleep, and help stabilize our circadian rhythms. A fun and easy way to create different moods throughout your household is to use RGB lighting.

RGB (red, green, and blue) lights are available in different forms and fixtures. They mix these three colors to produce almost any color on the spectrum. RGB lights are useful, both for functional use and for aesthetics. 

There are so many ways that you could choose to integrate throughout your home. This article provides lots of lighting ideas about adding RGB lights into your home! 

Lighting up the Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of every household, and so the lights need to be functional yet inviting. RGB strips are ideal for this room, due to their thin and flexible nature. 

Install RGB LED light strips underneath your kitchen countertops, shelves or cabinets. This creates a subtle light effect and accentuates the features of the room. It will also make your countertops look more customized and expensive.

You could also install them along the floor, next to your kickboards. This helps navigate throughout the kitchen, without needing the main lights on.

If you wanted to be very organized you could even add these lights to your pantry. Color coding each section of the pantry is an intuitive way to find what you are looking for.

Create Ambiance in the Bedroom

These lights are great for creating a personalized bedroom space. They are especially good for the rooms of young children and teens. 

One idea is to add RGB lights behind the headboard or underneath the bed. This can give the illusion that the bed is floating. It also helps to see any items you store underneath the bed with clarity. 

RGB lights are also ideal for adding around cribs, or beds for small children. This can act as a night light, and also makes it easier for tired parents to navigate the bedroom safely. 

Bathroom Lights for Relaxation

An interesting way to use RGB lights in your bathroom is to add them behind mirrors. This adds visibility, especially if your bathroom doesn't get a lot of natural light.

Altering the color and temperature is ideal for doing makeup. This is because you can see how products look under different lights. 

RGB lights can help to make your bathroom easier to navigate. If you need to use the bathroom at night, then you can avoid walking into the sink or toilet. It also means that you don't hurt your eyes by switching on the main light too fast.

Are you someone who enjoys a relaxing bath before bedtime? Then RGB lights can create a relaxing glow whilst you chill out amongst the bubbles!

Something to bear in mind for bathroom lighting is to be careful with water. An IP (Ingress Protection) rating is the level of protection an LED light has against liquids or other materials. For bathrooms, you should aim for an IP rating of 65 or higher.

Living Room Lights That Entertain

RGB lights can create a cozy atmosphere in the living room. These lights are great if you're having friends over or watching a movie. You could also add them to the bottom of your seating. This not only adds to the ambiance but makes it easy to find the remote if you drop it underneath.

If your ceiling has coving, then you could add some LED strip lighting around the edge. This will make your living space seem more warm, welcoming, and modern! You could change your main light to an RGB light bulb so that you can adjust warmth and brightness when needed.

Another cool idea is to add them around the back of picture frames. Many families have a "wall of fame" with family photos and happy memories. Adding some RGB light to the display can make it an eye-catching feature in the room.

If you have stairs in your house, then RGB lights could be a wonderful way to illuminate your ascent! Install them underneath any railings you have, or across the tread of each step. Not only is this aesthetically pleasing, but it can help increase safety - especially at night.

Upgrade Your Office Space

Offices are a place to go and concentrate, so you need adequate lighting to get the job done. There are a few ways that RGB lighting can help you to work harder and faster! 

Try adding RGB lights underneath your desk, or inside your drawers. This looks cool if you have a gaming setup, including RGB electronics like keyboards and mice.

An RGB light bulb could also be great for task lighting in an office. Reading and computer work may need different colors of light to be comfortable. So the dynamic range of light these bulbs have can help prevent eyesight damage. 

These lights could also highlight room features, such as house plants or artwork. 

Ultimate RGB Lighting for Your Home!

RGB lighting is very versatile and can add a new dimension to any room in your house. It is a cheap and easy way to change the ambiance of a space, without having to redecorate! Try out some of the lighting ideas above and enjoy the experience. 

If you are looking to install some RGB LED strip lights, then consider using Birddog Lighting. We have a huge variety of high-quality RGB lights, RGB light bulbs, and much more! You can browse our selection, or order your free catalog to read at home. 

If you want help choosing your lights, then you can contact us at (406) 586-5970. You can speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team. We want you to have fun with your at-home lighting system!

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