How to Add Pizzazz to Your PC Gaming Setup (Affordably)

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Feb 10th 2020

How to Add Pizzazz to Your PC Gaming Setup (Affordably)

Computers have come a long way -- and I'm not talking the performance. Blocky, utilitarian towers have been replaced with sleek, RGB fitted designs. They are the equivalent of sports cars to geeks everywhere.

But your computer itself is a small part of your PC gaming setup. That expensive beast of a machine doesn't look very impressive balanced on Grandma's old sewing desk, does it? Since you are on your computer all day long, it's time to add some pizazz.

It doesn't cost a fortune to create a gorgeous PC gaming setup. Give your computer the respect it deserves with these inexpensive tips.

1. Maneuver the Monitor

Even though your computer is the crown jewel of your PC setup, it isn't the star of the show. Your display, your monitor -- whatever you want to call it -- should be front and center. But you have more options than you may think when it comes to positioning the display.

Consider taking advantage of a wall mount for your monitor. You can find a computer monitor mount for less than $40.

The best part about mounting a monitor is saying goodbye to the flimsy stand. It provides a sleek, clean look that a standing display cannot compete with.

As an added bonus, mounting your monitor is more ergonomic. Just position it at eye-level against the wall.

Have several monitors? Then pick up an adjustable wall mount and maneuver them accordingly. You will even have the option to install monitors above or below your primary screen, which is not possible with a standard standing display.

2. Light It Up

Several years ago, everyone thought RGB lighting was a fad. But now it has become the norm. Your computer is probably fitted with RGB lighting right now.

As gorgeous as it is, it isn't very striking alone. But we can take that lighting design and run with it throughout your gaming setup.

Get your hands on some inexpensive RGB strip lights to use as backlighting and underlighting. They take very little effort to install and make a massive impact when used right.

How do you use them right? Tape them under and around the surface of your desk. Depending on your display setup, you can also run these lights behind the monitors.

Let's say your PC case glows a soft green. With adjustable RGB lighting, you can find that exact shade of green and mirror the aesthetic across the table. This is the best, cheapest method to add a cohesive design across your gaming space.

For more help choosing and installing your strip lights, refer to our lighting guide.

3. Keep Things Together

Gaming setups everywhere follow one simple rule: keep it together. You don't want your computer tucked away on the floor or your controllers stuffed into a drawer across the room.

For one thing, an elevated computer is a happy computer. If it is on the floor -- or the carpet, which is worse -- you are subjecting your pride and joy to dust. That can reduce your PC's lifespan over time, especially if you are bad about cleaning it.

Plus, it's not a good look. You want all your gadgets proudly on display.

Look, I get it. You're on a tight budget. Your desk might be a hand-me-down with limited space.

Still, you've got options. Head to a thrift store and pick up a bedside table. It just needs to be big enough to safely hold your PC.

Got other gadgets and not enough space? There is a cure for that, too.

Snatch up some stands for your controllers and headset. These will save on space and keep things tidy. If you keep gaming knickknacks on your desk, install a wall-mounted shelf above your computer display and keep them there instead.

4. Deck the Walls

Want to add more personality to your PC gaming setup? Think vertical. Gaming posters are another way to add a splash of color.

When you are choosing artworks to hang on the walls, try to keep things symmetrical. Go for prints with the same dimensions, so you can space them evenly. Think in terms of color, so don't choose anything that clashes with the RGB lighting.

If posters aren't your thing, take a look at metal prints. These are sturdier than the posters you had back in high school.

And since they are made from aluminum, they have higher definition and build quality than traditional posters. The metal allows them to catch the light, which can make them play well with your lighting setup.

5. Turn Off the Screensaver

Add a few dollars to your electric bill every month. You'll be glad you did.

Your computer's wallpaper is an opportunity to spruce up your PC gaming setup. Try to choose a static wallpaper that matches the aesthetic of the rest of your design.

Let's say your RGB lighting and computer are both mint green. A nature-inspired wallpaper can help tie everything together. After all, your display is the focal point of any gaming setup.

Of course, I suggest taking things to the next level. For a few extra dollars, you can pick up some wallpaper software.

Something like Wallpaper Engine, for example, allows you to access animated wallpapers. This may sound a tad superficial, but what isn't superficial about making a gaming altar?

Make Your PC Gaming Setup Shine

There is no such thing as the perfect PC gaming setup. After all, art is subjective, and creating a gaming space is an art of its own. But you'll know you found the right setup when you're proud to call it yours.

Looking for an affordable lighting solution to complete your PC gaming setup? Check our lighting options, such as our adjustable RGB strip lights.

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