How Net Lights Can Transform Your Holiday Decor

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Nov 7th 2022

How Net Lights Can Transform Your Holiday Decor

Are you among the 42% of adults putting up seasonal decor outside each year? If so, you need to add holiday lights to your shopping list. They'll add warmth, create festive cheer, and highlight your landscaping and home. 

And if you're trying to decide which type of festive lighting to add, turn to the convenience of net lights. Read on to learn how net lights can transform your holiday decor!

Achieve a Clean and Polished Look with Net Lights

If you prefer creating a neat and clean look out front, net lights can get the job done. That's because the structure of net lights is inherently grid-like.

For instance, perhaps you have a row of rectangular hedges lining the front of your home. To create a polished lighting effect, you can position your net lights so that they can drape uniformly, starting from the backside of your hedge.

Start by laying your net lights on the ground in front of the hedges before you start draping them. That way, you can make sure you have enough lights and create straighter rows. Just be sure to check the lines of lights once you've draped them to ensure they aren't tangled.

You'll have precise rows of lights that accentuate the shapes of your hedges. Best of all, it's easy to connect multiple net lights if you have lots of shrubs. Clean rows of lights pair well with the vertical lines of your home — and you'll impress your neighbors.

Mix and Match Lights for More Variety

For a more organic approach to holiday lights, consider mixing net lighting with other types of lights. You'll get the best of both worlds by having a mix of precision with some softer irregularities. 

As one option, you can avoid forming neat grids of lights. Instead, let the rows overlap as you lay them on bushes or trees. This is a great way to handle softer bushes where the limbs make achieving a cleaner aesthetic too challenging.

You can mix and match colors, too. Mix some multi-color lights with blue net lights for a softer approach to colored lights. Or alternate between red and green lights on each pine tree in your yard. 

Wrap net lights around a front gate or lamppost to welcome guests. Or drape net lights over a fence to add some charm to your backyard. You'll set a cozy stage for backyard fires as you get into the festive spirit. 

Use Net Lights Indoors

While you might think of net lights as an outdoor holiday decor staple, they work well indoors, too. If you're tired of dealing with string lights on your Christmas tree, reach for net lights instead. You'll be able to save time so you can focus on hanging ornaments and enjoying the ambiance. 

Do you have a stair railing in your front hallway? Give net lights a try for a simple way to highlight them. Weave in a garland and some tinsel for even more shimmer and warmth. 

If you have an accent wall in your living room, hang net lights from floor to ceiling for the ultimate impact. If you have a centerpiece illuminated with fairy lights on a dining room table, a wall of net lights is the perfect complement. 

And if you have a sun porch or other room that you can use in the winter season, put net lights to work there. Suspend them from the ceiling for a fun and festive punch of brightness that will look good any time of year. 

Wrap Your Trees with Net Lighting

Do you have tree trunks you'd like to illuminate? Net lights can get the job done! Densely-wrapped tree lights can add an intense silhouette to your holiday lighting display. 

If your tree trunks aren't too tall or wide, you can overlap net lights around the trunk to create a dazzling display. Then use string lights to articulate the strongest tree branches. If you stick with one color, such as warm white, you'll end up with a vivid silhouette that will be the star of your outdoor lighting display. 

Net lights can provide more even coverage than string lights. And because a net light offers multiple rows of lights bound together, it won't take long to complete your decorating. 

Gain a Convenient Holiday Decor Solution

Ultimately, net lights represent a simple and classy solution to your goal of a festive lighting display. Whether you hang them during the winter holidays or the middle of summer, you'll make a dramatic impact. Use net lights for a quick decorative solution at your workplace's holiday party or hang some when you're hosting a gathering at home. 

Unlike traditional strings of lights, you won't have to wrap these lights around individual limbs or branches. If you're pressed for time, you can lay them over bushes knowing that they'll be anchored between branches or foliage. 

And when the season is over, you can take down your lights and roll them up easily. You won't have to mess with a tangled bunch of lights when the next holiday season rolls around!

Add Net Lights to Your Outdoor Decorations

Placing net lights on your bushes or trees is one of the fastest ways to add festive lighting to your property. Keep your look clean and sophisticated, or introduce string lights on top for a more organic lighting display. Ultimately, net lighting provides a convenient way to spruce up your home any time of year. 

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