How Many Lumens Do I Need for My Backyard Lighting?

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Mar 22nd 2021

How Many Lumens Do I Need for My Backyard Lighting?

Are you looking to increase your home’s security? Do you want to improve its curb appeal? Investing in good outdoor lighting is one of the best ways of doing so.

Getting your outdoor lights right can help you maximize your home’s landscaping. However, it is not enough to install the brightest lights in your backyard.

Using lights with the wrong kind of brightness can affect your property’s aesthetics. Poor lighting can lead to accidents at night. On the flip side, having them too bright can contribute to light pollution.

Thus, you need to use the right lumens for your outdoor lighting. Lumens pertain to the measurement of your light’s brightness. The higher the lumens, the brighter the light is.

Continue reading below as we break down the right amount of lumens you need for your backyard and more.

The Appropriate Lumens For Your Stairs and Pathways

Let’s begin with the lighting for your stairs and pathways. Ideally, your garden pathways need lighting fixtures with at least 100 to 200 lumens. This gives you enough range to choose the number of lumens depending on your taste and other key factors.

For example, if your pathways are uneven or full of rocks, you may go for a light bulb that is above 100 lumens. When it comes to your stairs, the key lies more on the way you position your lights. You want to install the lights at an angle that doesn’t cast shadows on half of the stairs.

To pull this off, you will need two bright lamps on both sides of the stairs. As for the lumens, you may go down to 50 lumens.

For Motion Sensor Lights

Are you planning to add some backyard lighting for security purposes? Then you need some lights with lumens ranging from 300 to 700 lumens. This will be enough to illuminate the way going to your door.

Also, consider the surface area that you wish to illuminate. If the area is relatively small to average, 300 to 450 lumens should be fine.

The good thing about motion sensor lights is that that they do not remain open for the entire night. As the name implies, a motion sensor light only turns on once it detects motion. It detects heat waves that radiate from moving persons or objects.

Thus, motion sensor lights will only illuminate a vital portion of your backyard whenever someone or something moves close by.

Lumens for Flood Lights

Similar to the motion sensor lights, floodlights also switch on upon detecting movement. However, the difference between the two lies in the power of the light bulbs.

Typically, floodlights are way brighter. When it comes to homeowners, they tend to place them in a driveway to give illumination in the dark. Also, some households install floodlights to drive away burglars.

As floodlights’ main function is to provide powerful brightness, you need to find floodlights with lumens ranging from 700 to 1,300. With the sizable range, consider the size of your driveway and the other areas you wish to bring more light to.

Additionally, mind the position of your floodlights. You do not want to focus on the direction of your neighbor.

For Pool and Pond Lights

If you have a pool or pond in your backyard, you want to add some flair and dramatics to the evening landscape. Thus, invest in some pool lamps with 200 to 400 lumens.

These lamps will provide a dash of light coming from below the surface of your pool or pond. 

Light for Your Garden

If you have a small garden, add character by installing some landscape spotlights. Go for something with 120 lumens to give the right amount of illumination. If the garden is larger, you go up to as much as 300 lumens.

Keep in mind that using the right amount of lumens is the key to maximizing your landscape lighting. Garden lights instantly add to your property’s curb appeal. By installing them in different heights and locations, you can create a layering effect for a more striking look.

Also, using the same styles of lighting will create visual uniformity in your garden. It will translate to a cohesive look that adds sophistication to your property.

The Case for LED Lights

When it comes to the type of lights to pick, there is no question LED lights are the way to go. There are many reasons to go for LED lights instead of other conventional options. For starters, LED lights offer top-notch energy efficiency.

Traditional lights rely on wattage to create brightness. Wattage measures the electricity the bulb uses to generate light. The higher the wattage, the brighter the lights are.

On the other hand, lumens measure the actual brightness of the light bulb regardless of the amount of energy it requires.

LED light bulbs can generate more lumens while using less energy. For comparison, a 6.5-watt LED lamp will generate the same amount of lumens as a 50-watt halogen bulb.

Experts predict that lumens will supplant and replace watts in terms of measuring a light’s brightness. This is because people are now smarter when measuring the overall capabilities of lighting fixtures.

Key Considerations

Last but not least, there are key factors to consider when buying outdoor LED lights. When scouting for lumens lighting, determine if you want warm or cold lighting. This is where color temperature comes into play.

Incidentally, LED lights can generate a wide range of color temperatures. Next, you want to check the wattage. You need to pick an LED light that matches your wattage requirements.

Also, check if the LED bulbs come with key features. Find one that comes with proper heat capacity. This will ensure that the LED light will not generate too much heat.

You may also want something with dimming capabilities. This can work well in certain areas of your backyard.

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By choosing LED bulbs with the correct lumens, you can create the ambiance that you want for your backyard. You can enjoy the perfect brightness you need that will increase your home’s safety and appeal.

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