An Event Planner’s Guide to LED Rope Lights

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Dec 11th 2017

An Event Planner’s Guide to LED Rope Lights

LED lights last longer than other lights AND save you money at the same time. It’s no wonder more and more people are starting to use LED lights in their homes.

If you’re trying to find better ways to light up your house, LED rope lights may not be your first choice, but they absolutely should be.

Take a look a look at how many ways LED lights can benefit your home, both inside and out!

What Are LED Rope Lights?

Led rope lights are made from LED bulbs that are strung together inside a flexible, rubber rope. They are low-voltage, and they don’t use a lot of electricity compared to other lights.

Because the rubber rope protects them, you can use LED lights inside or outside. They don’t get as warm as other lights, so you can leave them on for long periods of time, or even overnight, without worrying about them overheating or burning out.

These rope lights come in a variety of different colors, and they are super easy to install. A lot of LED rope light strips come with an adhesive back, so you just stick them where you want them and turn them on.

When you think of LED lights, your mind might automatically go to parties or fancy events, but there are a lot of helpful uses for LED lights at home as well.

Once you see all these amazing LED light ideas, you won’t want to light up your house any other way.

LED Rope Lights Inside

LED lights work really well as mood lights. They give off a nice glow, but they aren’t too bright either. This makes them perfect for a warm, cozy feel that really stands out when the rest of the lights are turned off.

Use LED Lights As Nightlights

You can line these along the hallway floor so if someone needs to use the bathroom during the night, they don’t have to fumble around in complete darkness or blind themselves with the bright, overhead lights.

Just run them where the floor meets the wall, and it will give off enough light to see where you’re going with the lights off. You can put them higher on the wall if you want, like where the wall meets the roof, but it tends to work the best on the ground.

You can also use LED lights as nightlights in places like a child’s room. If your kids don’t like the dark, LED lights will brighten up the room enough for them to see all the dark corners, but it is also dim enough for them to fall asleep easily.

You can even hang some LED lights in your own room for those early mornings or late nights. You can get up and get ready for work without waking up your partner.

Wherever you need light during the night, maybe even inside the bathroom itself, you can easily find a place to hang LED lights.

Use LED Lights Inside Closets

With everything you keep in there, it can be hard to see in your closet.

Just string some LED lights on the ceiling of your closet, along with the sides, or on the edge of a shelf, and you’ll suddenly be able to find that shirt you were looking for.

This is also a good strategy for pantries, deep cabinets, and hallways closets. Sometimes the normal lights aren’t positioned right or bright enough to let you see into these places very well.

As long as there’s an outlet nearby, LED rope lights are a great way to light up those hard-to-see places.

Use LED Lights On The Stairs

People can see where each step is which reduces the risk of someone falling, especially at night. It also looks amazing.

Use LED Lights In Your Computer/TV Room

The best way to watch a movie or play video games is in the dark, but the dark can also make your computer/TV screens too bright.

A few LED lights around the ceiling brighten the room just enough so your eyes don’t hurt from the glare of the screens but not enough to make the screens seem dull.

This also makes it easy to get more popcorn when you run out or take a bathroom break. You don’t have to ruin the mood by turning on the room lights.

LED Rope Lights Outside

LED lights are a great way to light up your yard because you can buy them in long strips that cover a lot of space. Because they are so flexible, you can get them into odd corners or wrap them around posts or railing. They are especially popular around the holiday seasons.

USE LED Lights Along Walkways

LED lights will outline your walkway when it gets dark, so if you’re getting home late, you don’t have to be afraid of tripping.

This is a good choice if you host a lot of parties or events at your house. With a lot of people walking to and from your door in the evening, it helps them know where they are supposed to go.

It also looks incredibly beautiful, so you should line your walkway even if you don’t have a lot of guests!

Use LED Lights As Outdoor Lamps

Line the back deck with LED rope lights to brighten up the space. Hang them over nearby bushes or wrap them around the trees in your backyard. It’s a great way to light up large areas without having to install traditional lanterns.

You can also use LED lights to create a canopy of lights above the deck. Stretch them from the edge of the roof over to the trees or let them drape loselyfrom wires.

The overhead LEDs will give you more than enough light to BBQ, eat, or play games.

Use LED Lights To Replace Candle Dinners

On those nights that are just too windy for candles, hang LED rope lights from the underside of your outdoor umbrella. The light will easily light up the table, and it will feel just as intimate as candles.

Brighten Up Your House With Some LED Lights

LED lights are can hang almost anyway, and they are quick and easy to install. They work just as well outside as they do inside, and they can be used as a low, ambient light or a full, bright light just as strong as your normal lights. If you can think of a place for LED rope lights, you put them there.

Want a few suggestions on other LED light ideas? Check out some ways you can decorate your room with LED lights!

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