Downlighting: How To Use It Around Your Home

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Jan 24th 2023

Downlighting: How To Use It Around Your Home

Did you know that the global outdoor lighting market size is expected to reach more than $25 billion?

Outdoor and landscape lighting plays a huge role in the aesthetic and safety of any home. You've probably seen outdoor lighting that's rooted in the ground or near shrubs, but have you heard of downlighting?

Downlighting is a type of exterior lighting that resembles moonlight at night. To learn more about this type of beautiful lighting, keep on reading this article!

What Is Downlighting?

We all agree that moonlight would be the best option for illuminating our nighttime surroundings. But since we have no control over the moon, we come up with an alternative. That is how downlighting works.

Downlighting mimics the moon's light. It evokes the moonlight effect and brings an air of elegance and whimsy to any landscape lighting design.

An LED downlight feels and looks natural, making your front or back yard look like it's awash in the soft glow of moonlight! What's not to love?

How to Downlight From Trees

The dappled light effect that develops when a fixture is mounted high in the trees and allows the light to diffuse naturally through branches and leaves is unmatched in beauty.

When illuminating driveways, lawns, patios, or really any area that requires low-level illumination, this effect is the one that is most desired. Before you start moonlighting, there are a few important things to think about.

Downlights require working from a high ladder or lift because they are typically mounted 20 to 30 feet in the air. Do not attempt to install these lights unless you are equipped, knowledgeable, and experienced enough to do so safely.

If you don't feel comfortable mounting your own moonlights, you might want to hire a pro. Both landscape lighting professionals and arborists may be hired to work in your trees.

The appearance of dappled light on the ground or hardscape area produces the best effect. The light needs to pass through the leaves and branches to create the dappled effect.

Stand on the surface that will be lit to determine the best location. Look into a nearby tree and follow the trunk up to a height of about 20 feet. That would be the bare minimum. Observe how many branches and leaves block your view of the trunk as you hike another 10 feet up the trunk.

Decide on a height and position that will produce the best dappled pattern around the trunk.

How to Downlight From Gutters and Other Overhangs

In many homes, the downlights that go beneath the gutters, soffits, or other overhangs are already there.

These are typically surface-mounted 120-volt fixtures that are wired into the house's electrical system. These lights typically point downward and produce lovely cones of light that shine on the siding of the house. You shouldn't attempt to service or replace these 120-volt fixtures unless you are a licensed electrician.

You have a selection of other fixtures you can mount to the siding or underneath to achieve the same (or different) effects if downlights are not already present in these locations.

Utilizing uplights is the simplest way to illuminate the sidings of your home. Instead, you can use downlights if you have a place to mount them. These work best when fastened to the vertical wall immediately below the gutter or soffit that hangs down.

Some people favor the way a downlight looks over an uplight. A garden bed close to the house can be well-lit using downlights as well. Depending on the size of the area to be illuminated, choose between a wide (60o) or medium (36o) beam angle.

For cozy low-level illumination, mounting lights inside gazebos or other overhangs is the best option. The best places for these fixtures are corners or under peaks where they will be mostly hidden from view. To maintain a low light level and a romantic atmosphere, use wide beam angles and low-wattage lamps.

Birddog LED Downlights

Are you looking for recessed LED ceiling lights for your project that will increase cost-effectiveness, last more than 50,000 hours, and provide exceptional lighting? Then you should purchase Birddog Lighting LED downlight fixtures!

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For cool, cozy lighting in your home, office, or other space, choose recessed LED downlight fixtures from Birddog Lighting. The inexpensive, simple-to-install light fixtures can take the place of less energy-efficient incandescent options. To make your space more comfortable, select LED downlight fixtures that are cool white or warm white as desired.

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Upgrade Your Landscape With Downlighting From Birddog

As you can see, downlighting can create an ethereal look and feel to your landscape. Whether you want to add downlighting to your trees or to your gutters, this type of dramatic lighting is sure to transform the look of your property.

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