Best Way to Light Up Your Camper

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Aug 30th 2021

Best Way to Light Up Your Camper

Each year, about 40 million people go camping.

With the recent pandemic, travel was at an all-time low. People were afraid to go out and interact with others, fearing they may also get sick. Because of that, many people took up camping since it's a safe alternative to traveling elsewhere.

With more and more people camping, you need to ensure you have everything you need in your camper, including camper lighting.

Whether you want lights just so you can make a meal or read a book, or you want the lights to set the mood, here's everything you need to know about camper lighting!

What Type of Lights Should I Use for My Camper Lighting?

The best lighting you can use for your camper is LED lighting. There are many reasons for using LED lighting in your camper:

  • Reduced energy bills
  • More energy efficient
  • Safer light source than other lighting options
  • Longer bulb life

With LED lighting, you can choose to design the campervan lighting how you want. Whether you want strip lights, lights on the roof, or something else, the options are endless.

Why LED Lighting?

Because LED lights are some of the most energy-efficient light sources, they make for a great light to buy.

Buying LED lights could save consumers up to $1,000 every 10 years on lighting because of how efficient they are. Not only that, but you need fewer LED lights than you would any other light option because of the way they emit light.

They also can save the environment because there are fewer greenhouse emissions and toxins. 

While fluorescent lighting strips have toxins, LED lights have no toxins for you to worry about in your home or campervan. LED lights have also been shown to reduce headaches and eye strain that fluorescent lights often cause.

What Styles of LED Lights Are on the Market?

When you think of lights for a campervan, you may be wondering what types of lighting options you have. The great news is that there are many options, more than just installing a light on the roof of your campervan or holding a lantern!


If you're looking for a classy look, look no further than spotlights in your campervan. Spotlights give a sleek look since the lights are flush with the ceiling. 

You also have the option to choose what type of color temperature you would like and can even choose the exterior finish of the lights. 

With a light that is flush with the surface and matches, your campervan will have a sleek, classy look.

If you choose to install spotlights, you should install them during the conversion or build so that you are able to hide the wires and cables in the ceiling.

Wired Lighting

If you're going for more of the mood lighting, you can hang up wired lighting to create a more rustic camping vibe.

You could do this as your main source of lighting, or add it as an addition for nights you want less light.

Boat Recessed Ceiling Lights

Boat recessed ceiling lights have an extremely long lifespan and are also waterproof. If your campervan ever has a leak, you won't have to worry about the lighting situation going wrong as well.

These recessed lights take little power from the system and supply you with enough lighting. You can purchase the boat recessed ceiling lights in cool or warm light and can attach a dimmer switch if you want to control the amount of light in the van.

Puck Lights

The best thing about puck lights is the amount of light they each give off. They have a focused beam that allows for the light to be directed to the right place, which allows for saved energy and saved costs. Most puck lights can also be attached to light dimmers to make the lighting the brightness you like during the day and at night.

Reading Lamps

Since standing lamps are not really a thing in campervans, reading lights are a must! You can install LED reading lights anywhere in your campervan to help you get work done, read a book, or just provide more dim light.

You can create the reading lamp to be flexible and have a switch on it, so you can move it around and turn it on and off without moving! This is smart to do if the reading lamp is above the bed of the campervan.

Light Bar

Just like in a home, there may be areas of your campervan that need different lighting than just a typical ceiling light.

An LED light bar can provide that. You may want to install a light bar under cabinets or inside cabinets to give you lighting where it may be darker.

Light bars are also a great option to put in places you may not see since they are not as aesthetically pleasing.

Light Strips

Light strips are a great option to install on the floor of the campervan to provide a little extra lighting after dark. They come in many different colors, too!

You're able to cut these strips to the length you want, making this lighting option a great one for hard-to-reach or awkwardly shaped areas.

Decorate Your Campervan

If you're ready to decorate your campervan, you should check out Birddog's Lighting catalog to get all the info you may need for lighting your van.

You'll see endless options of lighting you can buy and decoration ideas for your campervan.

Happy decorating! 

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