9 Gaming Room Ideas to You're Going to Want to Steal From

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Feb 24th 2020

9 Gaming Room Ideas to You're Going to Want to Steal From

Gaming in your living room is fine but sooner or later, you'll want to have your own, personal space. You'll need a dedicated gaming room.

That said, it shouldn't look or feel like any other room in the house. It has to stand out and give off the atmosphere of a video game center. 

Fortunately, we've got a few game room ideas for you to try. Check out our list of nine room ideas you should consider implementing now:

1. Classic Arcades

Want a gaming room that instantly impresses anyone who walks in? Get a few classic arcades! Get arcades for games like Centipede, Galaga, or the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade title.

Yes, it's hard to get a hold of original arcades but there is a solution around this. You can now buy replicas, particularly from 1Up Arcade. They offer officially licensed replicas for the aforementioned Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, as well as the original Mortal Kombat trilogy and even Pac-Man, Street Fighter II, and Final Fight.

2. Minimalize Posters

Video game posters look amazing but if you put too much, you'll oversaturate the room. It'll look disorganized. 

Instead, pick a few that you like and position them wisely around the room. Use them to either accentuate something, like putting a poster of Street Fighter II right beside the 1Up Arcade for the game. You could also use posters as a focal point by surrounding the rest with a bit of space.

3. Big Collectibles

Like posters, you don't want to fill the room with giant collectibles. However, showcasing one is a good way to anchor a corner of the gaming room. For instance, you can place a giant statue of the Master Chief from Halo or Link from The Legend of Zelda in one corner. 

Again, don't put too many! They'll compete for visual attention, especially if you have more than one large TV and a few posters or arcades. They should serve as anchors to make the room feel awesome, not as distractions. 

4. LED Lights

Do you want a dark video game room? This gives off a cool, sleek look but you'll still need something to help you look around. Instead of installing regular lights, why not go with LED lights?

Most gamers already associate LED lights with video games anyway. Gaming mice, laptops, and accessories often feature blue or red LED lights. It's sleek, futuristic, and visually pleasing. 

If you have a Darth Vader statue or a lightsaber on the wall, LED lights can further improve your video game room. Lightsabers look like LED lights, after all.

5. TV Case

Do you own a Nintendo Switch? Why not create a TV case that looks like one? One fan did — the person handmade a frame for their 65-inch TV, one that makes their TV look like a giant Switch.

Of course, you don't have to stick with a Switch.

If you're a fan of the PlayStation lineup, why not turn your TV into a giant PSP or PS Vita? You can think outside the box too and turn your TV into a big Master Chief or Samus Aran helmet! There's the option from Super Mario Bros. 3 and turn your TV so it mimics the aesthetics of a stage play.

6. Amiibo Display

Let's stick with the Nintendo game room ideas for a bit. Nintendo continues to sell tons of Amiibos, which are essentially physical figurines you can buy and then scan them into a game to unlock extra features. There are a ton of Amiibos in the market today, representing all sorts of games from Nintendo's video game library.

If you own a bunch of them, why not display them in your game room?

Get a display case and arrange your Amiibos inside. You can even make it look like the mural from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! 

7. Game Room Collection

A gaming room isn't complete without at least one shelf to show off your video game collection. 

Some people have been collecting for years. If you're one of these collectors and already have a library of games from the NES, SNES, Sega Saturn, or other systems then put them on display! Get a shelf and start adding your games. 

It's okay if you're still starting. Systems like the PS4, Switch, and Xbox One still use physical discs or cartridges. Why not put those up and continue building from there? 

Before you know it, you'll have a giant collection of physical games in your video game room! 

8. Add a Fridge

All these amazing game room ideas for adults won't work without two things: sustenance and comfort. We'll tackle sustenance first.

If you expect to stay in your video game room for hours, have a bathroom installed and then get a fridge. A fridge is important because you can store food and drinks. 

Some gamers forget to eat and drink during gaming marathons. Avoid this by keeping snacks and drinks nearby.

9. Bean Bags

Posture is a common concern when you're spending hours in front of a PC or console and TV. Fortunately, you can maintain good posture by getting different kinds of chairs. One of the most important ones to get are bean bags.

Bean bags keep you cool and comfortable. They can also help support your back. They're affordable too!

Want to know the best part? Bean bags look relaxing. Add a few into your gaming room and it'll automatically look comfortable and welcoming.

Design the Best Gaming Room!

Found these video gaming room ideas useful? They're not impossible and if you follow these tips, you'll have an impressive game room in no time! 

Of course, if you'll move forward with great lighting, don't hesitate to call the experts. Get in touch with us now and we can help you figure out how to properly install and power your LED lights for your gaming room!

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