8 Tips on Installing LED Strips for Apartments

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Feb 8th 2021

8 Tips on Installing LED Strips for Apartments

Did you know that the average new apartment is only 941 square feet? This is 5% smaller than the average ten years ago. As apartment size is shrinking, people are finding new ways to make their space still feel big enough, and lighting can play a big factor.

Read on to learn about eight tips on installing LED strips for apartments.

1. Installing LED Strips in Mulitple Places

Because LED strip lights are versatile, they can be used in multiple places as lighting for apartments. Luckily, a LED strip budget doesn't have to be large because it is a cheaper alternative to other lights.

As an LED installation strategy, you can try to emphasize the ceiling or put specific details in focus. Things you can do by installing LED strips are limitless. Some ideas for indoor and outdoor lighting in apartments using LED strips include:

  • Creating warmth in the entrance of your apartment
  • Adding ambiance to the bathrooms
  • Highlighting ceiling details with light
  • Illuminating under cabinets in the kitchen
  • Using LED strips on your balcony or patio

2. Don't Forget the Bathroom

Your bathroom may be the last place you think of when you are installing LED strips, but don't place this room as a low priority. This is a room for LED strips because proper lighting in the bathroom is important. This is especially true if you tend to get ready in your bathroom.

An LED installation strategy for the bathroom includes adding backlighting behind the mirror or using a strip for soft lighting. Don't forget to take dust and water into consideration when creating your LED strip budget. Strips that can sustain these factors tend to be more expensive.

3. Using LED Strips for Cabinets

Lighting for apartments can be tricky in some places. You can't really change anything when you are renting a place, but you can make removable additions. If you struggle with lighting around cabinets whether, in the kitchen or closet, you should consider LED strip lighting.

Some LED strips come with sensors to improve the space you are in. Placing these censored strips under cabinets or drawers is functional. Once you open them, the light will automatically turn on.

This is beneficial for closet drawers and dressers because an overhead light may not be good enough to show what is in the back of the drawer. With a sensor LED strip, you can find exactly what you are looking for without any added hassle.

4. Adding Mirror Lighting

A room for LED strips is any room with a mirror in it. Of course, we have already mentioned lighting behind a bathroom mirror, but what about other mirrors in the home? Standing mirrors are becoming a more popular decor option for apartments.

When you add LED strips behind a mirror, it has the same result as mirror light bulbs. Both reduce shadows and create a soft glow with even light. This is exactly what you want to see when you look into any mirror.

Backlighting behind a mirror is a more affordable and modern approach to mirror light bulbs.

5. Using LED for Shelves

An LED installation strategy that can keep your lighting unique is highlighting your shelves. Whether you have books, art, or collectibles placed around your apartment, you can use LED strips to highlight those things interestingly.

This type of lighting is versatile enough to fit any shelf length and can even be perfect for hanging wall shelves. One major benefit of using this lighting technique decoratively is that strips offer a greater lifespan than a lightbulb. Its original brightness can shine for thousands of hours which will also limit the need for maintenance.

6. Assembling Furniture With Light

Apartment living can make you feel tight on space. This is especially true if you live in a studio apartment.

You may have heard that white walls make space seem larger. Although this is true, using light with furniture can provide the same effect.

Since furniture is placed in every room, you can make any space feel bigger in your apartment. All you have to do is add LED strips under your items. This will create a beautiful glow while making any space seem larger.

This doesn't mean you should go out and buy strips for each item of furniture you own. Each piece will produce a different lighting effect.

The best accent lighting can get created from sofas, armchairs, tables, beds, and even cribs. This can create a comfortable atmosphere and make things brighter in darker spaces.

7. Bringing Light Outdoors

When the sun goes down and you don't like the look of your overhead patio light, you can add LED strips. Installing LED strips outside is more difficult because you have to find the correct classifications.

For areas outdoors that lighting may be exposed to rain or other weather conditions, you need an IP65 rating or higher. This is also the proper rating if strips will be placed in areas with dust or dirt exposure.

8. Making Ceilings Glow

Having glowing ceilings is in, especially if you are living in an apartment. This is different than just turning on your overhead light. If you want lighting full of color or warmth on your ceilings, installing LED strips is the way to go.

Before shopping for your strips, it is a good idea to measure the perimeter of your ceiling, even the corners, and turns. Knowing the measurements will help you decide if you need one or multiple reels.

If you want this lighting design to light up more of the ceiling, place the strips around 3-5 inches below the ceiling. However, if you want the wall lit up more, place the strips only a foot below the ceiling.

Get the Most Out of Your Home

Apartment living can be exciting and fun if you decorate your home for your comfort. If you find yourself disappointed in the lighting of your place, you can use LED strips to make your home feel brand new. Get the most out of your home now by installing LED strips using these great tips!

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