8 RGB LED Strip Projects That Will Light Up Your Life

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Dec 2nd 2019

8 RGB LED Strip Projects That Will Light Up Your Life

As LED lights become more popular, their savings become more substantial. By 2027, the savings are expected to grow to $30 billion

There are many LED strip projects that you can do to create beautiful lighting effects and save money while you do it. We have eight project ideas to help you get started. 

Use these project ideas to inspire you to find a place for LED lighting in your home. 

1. Under Cabinet Lighting 

We will start this list out with one of the most common uses for LED lighting under your kitchen cabinets. You spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so why not create better lighting and save some money? 

To get started, you'll want to plan out which cabinets you want the lighting under. Then you must decide how you want to power your lights. Do you want to wire them into your home or have a separate battery pack? 

You'll want to use a white light so you can see what you are working on. Though multi-colored lights will give you the freedom of accent lighting. 

2. Stair Lighting 

Stairs are one of the most dangerous places in the home. You change this by providing better illumination for the area. Why not add accent lighting to each stair? 

This will create a soft light perfect for navigating the stairs at night. You could choose a color that compliments the rest of your home like a beautiful blue or a soft pink. 

Place the LED strips under the front edge of each step. This way, the lights point down towards the stair below it. 

3. Light up Your Vehicle 

LEDs have long been used to add accent lighting to cars, trucks, and motorcycles. Most people place their lights in the wheel wells. But you could also put them to glow under the whole vehicle. 

You could also install the LEDs on the inside of your vehicle. They could be in the doors to glow behind the handles. Or up under the dash to light the footwell. A third option is under the front seats on the backside to light up the backseat. 

When installing lights in your vehicle, but sure to use the proper adapter so you can wire them to the car's battery. 

4. Glow on the Boat 

The latest trend in the marine world is to add LED accent lighting to your boat. LED lights are perfect for this because they are durable, waterproof, and have a low power draw. 

Boats also have the perfect built in places for you to hide the LEDs. You could mount them on the bottom of the hull for some underwater lighting. Use a soft blue or green glow so you can admire the nocturnal marine life. 

Or you could make the inside of the boat more user-friendly. Light up the deck with RGB strip lights. You could also light up that dark compartment or cabin. 

5. Accent Your Bedroom 

Look around your bedroom; you probably have a lamp or two on nightstands or a light overhead in the fan. Both are bright white lights. 

You can create an alternative lighting source by adding LED accent lighting. By adding this soft lighting, you can create a tranquil space while you wind down and get ready for bed. 

You can do this by creating a small ledge around the room on the walls. Then place the LED lighting on top of this ledge. You could also put it in the ceiling by creating a small shelf on the ceiling. 

If you already have molding, you can work your LED lighting into it so it becomes less noticeable. 

Choose an RGB strip light so you can have a custom color. You could choose one color, or you could choose a multi-colored strip that lets you choose the color that suits your mood. 

6. Light up Your Closet 

Nothing is worse than digging around in the dark corner of your closet. Most closets are seriously lacking in the proper amount of lighting. 

You could place a strip of lights above you for an overall glow. Or place individual strips of lights on shelving to light up each space. 

For the most convenience, wire them all together, so you only have to flip on one switch. 

7. Create a Mood TV 

Have you seen the high-end TVs that come with accent lighting? Well, you need not buy a new TV to take advantage of this trend. 

Mount RGB LED lighting on the backside along the edge of the TV. This way, it will glow toward the wall and create a soft-colored glow around the outside of the TV. 

By choosing RGB lights, you can customize the color for the mood you are trying to set. Maybe you want red for that horror flick or blue for the tear-jerker. 

8. Create a Custom Bathroom 

Take your bathroom from standard to luxury by installing some bathroom accent lighting. You could place LED strips behind the edge of the mirror over the sink. This will create a subtle soft glow perfect for when you need to use the facilities at night. 

You could also install lighting in the shower. You could place lighting around the bottom of your shower to light up the floor. Or put it around the inside of a shelf cubby. 

Think about how the light will react to the glass is in your bathroom. When done correctly, you can create a stunning effect. To achieve this, test out placing your lights before you commit to installation.

Plan Your LED Strip Projects

For planning your LED strip projects, think about the areas in your home that could benefit from the accent lighting. Think about both color and brightness to ensure you achieve the effect you imagine. 

Start planning your next project by shopping our selection of LED RGB Strip lights

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