7 RV Lighting Ideas to Illuminate Your Vehicle

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Feb 28th 2022

7 RV Lighting Ideas to Illuminate Your Vehicle

Want to know the greatest secret for making your RV a home?

The right RV lighting helps you create a great atmosphere and keeps you feeling comfortable no matter where you are. Light complements the overall tone of your room. It also serves a crucial purpose. It can improve your mood and help your eyes as you age.

Camper lighting needs to be done strategically, though. Because you don't have as much room, you need to get creative to get the effects you want. Below, we'll get into the top 7 RV lighting ideas. Keep reading to learn more!

1. The Advantage of Having Lanterns

If you own an RV, there's a fair chance you'll have to maneuver outside your vehicle in the dark. So, you'll need portable lights to help you find your way around.

When you buy an RV, you should also invest in some lanterns. Place them near the entrance to your RV so people can use them if needed. 

You don't have to buy a regular lantern, either! For a more modern twist, get mason jar lights, which you can also use for decorating your outdoor space. 

2. Light Pendants

If you need lights for your dining room area, consider getting light pendants. 

These lights get mounted to the ceiling, and they hang down. They look professional and minimalist, but they can come with different lamp shades for a pop of personality. These are especially useful for people who have smaller RVs and spend a lot of time in their dining rooms. 

You can also use light pendants in living rooms and bedrooms.

3. Vintage Ceiling Lights

People who love vintage styles and modern conveniences will love a vintage ceiling light.

These types come in antique and industrial styles. Antique-looking lights will come with an elaborate design, giving your RV an elegant feel. On the other hand, industrial lights have a minimalist appearance. Black-colored cages surround yellowed bulbs that give off a warm glow. 

You can also get vintage-style fans.

4. Dome Lights

Dome lights attach to different parts of your RV and provide an astounding amount of light.

They can go in your bedroom, living room, kitchen, or any other area. Their rectangular shape provides light to a wide swath of space, especially when you use several of them at once. 

So, if you're looking for a practical RV lighting solution, dome lights are the perfect choice. 

5. Reading Lights

If you plan to read on your trip, you should consider getting reading lights for your RV.

You can install reading lights next to your bed or couch, making it easy for you to read wherever you want to. These lights are small and unobtrusive. They let out a strong glow that only covers a tiny space so that others can sleep or go about their night without any interruption.

6. Spotlight Lighting

People who plan on living in their RV for an extended period of time might want to move wall decorations or other prominent pieces into their vehicle. 

If you want visitors to really notice these pieces, get spotlight lighting. These lights attach to your ceiling and provide a burst of illumination to your favorite items. They add an excellent sense of ambiance to your RV.

7. Outdoor Lights

Many people who own RVs tend to spend a significant amount of time outdoors. In fact, RV owners often take expansive trips that include national parks and other scenic areas. 

As such, you want to come equipped to enjoy your time outside. If you imagine yourself sitting outside, you should get outdoor lights. 

There are many different types of lights that work great for RVs. You can get string lights to create a fun and relaxing atmosphere. These lights come in many shapes and colors, ranging from cute, bulb-shaped options to more vibrant ones for parties.

You can also get rope lights, perfect for RVs that have ladders on the outside. Wrap the lights around the ladders to give your RV some more personality. 

Portable torches are great for people who want ground-based lights. These give out a nice and gentle glow that gives you just enough light to see by. Their ends are designed to dig into the soil. They're easy to pull up and haul around, too.

Know What Kinds of RV Lighting You Need

Before you purchase lights, you need to make certain you know which ones you need. There are many different types of RV lights, made for different parts of the vehicle. 

For instance, there are special lights designed for going under your cabinet or dinette areas. These are excellent for people who need more lighting in their kitchen. 

Next, you should think about what types of light colors you want. The brightness and color of the bulb will create a certain mood in your RV. If you prefer warmer atmospheres, choose warm-toned bulbs. If you want a brighter tone, get a stronger bulb with a whiter light.

You should also check to see what voltage your RV takes. If you don't, you might end up burning your bulbs out faster.

Ready to Get RV Lighting?

RV lighting will enable you to take full advantage of your amenities in the spring and summer seasons.

If you're looking for great lights, you've come to the right place! We sell all types, from rope lights to LED lights. With our lights, you can personalize your RV's appearance and create a fun, positive atmosphere for everyone!

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