7 LED String Light Aesthetics That You Have to Try In Your Bedroom

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Nov 23rd 2020

7 LED String Light Aesthetics That You Have to Try In Your Bedroom

Lighting is how you set the mood in a room. Your bedroom should be an oasis for you to relax and wind down from the day. If your bedroom lighting doesn't achieve that, it's time to switch it up.

Getting that relaxing mood in your room isn't hard. With a little creativity and a roll of string lights, you can create a place you'll never want to leave. These 7 LED string light aesthetics are sure to transform your bedroom.

Why String Lights?

String lights offer an easy and affordable lighting option. With their warm glow, these lights are perfect for the bedroom. They cast less light allowing for a cozy atmosphere that's ideal for getting ready for bed.

They're lightweight, which gives some flexibility on where to put them. And if you change your mind, the location is easy to change. With their flexibility, they're a great versatile decoration.

Most string lights are battery-operated, offering a better option if you're looking to save on electricity. You can get rechargeable batteries to save on waste and keep your lights powered day and night.

7 LED String Light Aesthetics

1. Accent Your Photos

Draw attention to your favorite memories with string lights. Use clothespins or photo clips to attach pictures of your friends and family to the string of the lights. Then hang them on the wall for a personalized way of highlighting moments worth remembering.

With clips, you can easily switch out photos or add new ones as you make memories. Using polaroids will add an aesthetic detail to the design.

Another way to accent photos is by adding string lights to picture frames. Wrap string lights around the outside of a picture frame to give the photo a marquee effect. You can accent a lot of small photos or a few large ones.

2. Frame a Window

Add emphasis to your room by giving your window a border of string lights. Do this, especially if you have a great view or beautiful windows. It's a great way to draw the eyes to the best features in the room.

Another way to frame a window is by lacing string lights into sheer curtains. Through the fabric, you'll only see twinkling little lights. Give your room a glowy, magical feel, like you're getting a visit by some fireflies.

You can also drape the string lights from the top corners of the windows, creating an accent to any window treatments you already have.

3. Write it Out

If you have something to say, say it in lights. This is a great way to achieve the neon word aesthetic with an inexpensive DIY.

Use string lights to spell out your favorite words to display on the wall. This is best with a string that has a more concentrated set of lights. Use wire to write out the word, then wrap the string lights around it.

These are great to display up on your wall or over your bed. Some suggestions: dreamer, good vibes, honey, stay awhile, electric. Be creative with the word or phrase, the font, and the size of your string light sign.

4. A Starry Night

What's more relaxing than sleeping under the stars? Sleeping under the stars in the comfort of your own bed. So use LED string lights to recreate the night sky on your ceiling.

You can make them haphazard or try to draw out some constellations. Use yellow lights of different sizes to give the effect of some stars being brighter than others.

A lightweight option will hang best. Use removable hooks attached to the ceiling to string lights across that mimic the night sky. A string of lights that are more spaced out will give the starry effect and keep the room from being too bright.

5. Cozy Canopy

Accent just your bed by creating a canopy of lights. If you have a four-poster metal bed, you can wrap the string of lights around the posts. You can choose to attach the lights to the ceiling or not at the end.

If you don't have a four-poster bed, you can still get this canopy effect. Use removable hooks attached to the ceiling and attach the ends of the lights to them. Attach the other end of the string lights to the wall until you create a canopy.

The soft glow this would give off would be a great option as a night light or reading light.

6. Mirror, Mirror, (and Lights) on the Wall

If you've ever wanted to feel like an old Hollywood glamor star, now is your chance to do it. Use string light around to create a vanity-like mirror. You can attach the lights either to the wall around the mirror or to the mirror directly.

Turn on the lights to give a little extra glow to your outfit or when you put on makeup. Or for a modern and unique twist, hang the string lights behind the mirror to give your mirror a glowy, backlit look.

Looking at your reflection will feel magical with your mirror aflow. Having lights by the mirror will also help reflect light into your room. 

7. Mix it Up

If you're a plant lover, mix your string lights with garland to bring a bit of a natural element to your room. You can get a garland of artificial leaves from a craft store. Wrap the lights around the garland and use wire if you want something stiffer.

This is great for a magical forest feel—a great way to add no maintenance plants to your space.

Get creative with the foliage. Use artificial flowers, leaves of different colors and shapes, or even make it seasonal. You can hang these garlands from the ceiling like vines or drape them over furniture as an accent.

Light Up Your Life

Decorating with string lights is an easy and inexpensive way to add personality to your room. There is a LED string light aesthetic for everyone. Your relaxing, glowing retreat is right within reach.

Love the idea of a glowy, magical room? Begin your bedroom transformation by finding some string lights you love.

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