7 Advantages Of Using LED Panel Lights VS Tube Lights

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Jan 13th 2020

7 Advantages Of Using LED Panel Lights VS Tube Lights

LED lighting products have a great reputation for their energy efficiency, performance, and long-term performance. There are a variety of benefits of LED panel lights in particular. Once installed, these high-quality LEDs can increase productivity among other things in comparison to traditional tube lights. 

LED can help suppress melatonin, which can lead to managing circadian rhythms in the human body. This can directly decrease the risk of sleep disorders like insomnia and sleep deprivation. Those are only a few of the health benefits generated by LEDs, but there are many more. 

Want to know the benefits of using led panel lights vs tube lights? From their features, purpose, and quality, they are different. Find out which one you need.

1. LED Panel Lights Regulates Circadian Rhythm

If you didn't know, circadian rhythms are part of our biological process and influence our physiological process. Lighting plays a major role in our circadian rhythms in comparison to traditional lighting. Tube lights aren't designed to regulate circadian rhythms the same. 

Whether you're in an office or a workspace at home, circadian lighting can help you be much more productive. A LED panel light is designed with the circadian rhythm in mind to keep a healthy balance, whereas, an LED tube light does not. Hence why you'll feel a difference in productivity by switching to panel lights. 

2. LED Lights are Energy Efficient

Everyone's electricity bills vary depending on where in the world you live in. But power-saving LED panel lights are perfect for some homes and most corporate workspaces. In comparison to traditional tube lights, LED panel lights save nearly 70 percent of energy, which can save you tons in the long run. 

For offices and workspaces where lights need to be on 24/7, LED panel lights are definitely the way to go. Their power efficiency is one of the major reasons why corporations worldwide are making the switch. If there are parts of your home where you will need constant lightings, such as your pool or backyard, consider switching to LED lighting instead. 

3. LED Products Have Longer Lifespans

You can expect quality LED panel lights to last for 50,000 hours or more. The typical incandescent bulb can only last around 1,000 hours and a compact fluorescent lamp can only last between 8,000 and 10,00 hours. You'd increase the lifespan while reducing the costs for replacement or maintenance by upgrading to LED panel lights.

Having lighting that lasts longer saves you the stress of having to frequently change them. You can achieve a low-maintenance lighting system by making the switch to LEDs. Just make sure you buy from top LED suppliers that are sure to take advantage of maximum lifespans. 

4. LED Lighting Produces Less Heat

Tube lights operate at higher temperatures than LED panel lights. They generate more heat which can also raise your bill. The heat that lighting generates can also severely influence the temperature in your space. 

Traditional lighting tends to push air conditioners to work harder since they generate so much heat. With an LED panel light, you won't need to worry about making your A/C work overtime. LEDs also will moderate this wastage while reducing your power bills at the same time. 

5. Eliminate Bugs with LED Lighting

You won't have to struggle with having bugs surrounding your lights with LEDs. This is because an LED light panel will emit very little heat from their lighting source which is less appealing to bugs or moths. Tube lights on the other hand easily attract bugs because of the heat and UV rays they emit. 

Hence why many office managers opt for modern LED lighting instead of the older, traditional products. 

6. LED Lights are Eco-Friendly

LED lights have a carbon emission that's 514 lbs of CO2 each year. This is far lower than the carbon emissions of traditional tube lights. The higher the carbon emission, the more harm the lighting is to the environment. 

LED lighting continues to grow in demand as people become more environmentally conscious. It's important to have low emission carbon footprints in your home or office space. LED panel lights are amazing at combating this issue and are a sure way to better the environment.

For office and commercial spaces, it's twice as important to replace traditional lights with more modern LED lighting. The LED light doesn't have mercury and will emit far less heat. Their ultraviolet rays are far less disruptive than an incandescent light too. 

7. LED Lighting Means Smart Lighting

Smart devices are becoming more popular as are Smart lighting products. They come with incredible features like dimming, scheduling, and wireless control. With some LED lighting, you'll have the ability to control the lighting and influence the atmosphere of your space remotely. 

With a single click, you can control the total mood of your home or office space. Smart lights can also lessen the burden from office administration staff and can simplify management for them. 

LED panel lights also work on very low voltage. This feature turns any space into a Smart space since it can operate even in low or dim power supply conditions. Tube lights and incandescent bulbs could get damaged when there's low power supply but LED lighting doesn't get fused in those situations. 

The Bottom Line

The benefits of LED panel lights are exciting, noteworthy, and endless. As innovation continues growing, LED technologies continue to increase and are easier to find. Get ahead of the game by replacing your old lighting with new and efficient LED lighting — take a look at our inventory today!

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