6 Ways to Create an Intimate Atmosphere with Lighting

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Dec 26th 2017

6 Ways to Create an Intimate Atmosphere with Lighting

Can you remember the last time you felt calm and relaxed?

It is hard to achieve that with constant harsh lighting, which often results in the opposite effect.

An intimate atmosphere with lighting can greatly improve feelings of relaxation and closeness to your loved ones.

Simple changes to lighting in particular rooms is the easiest method. Lighting is much less expensive than other forms of renovation and decor, and often it can make the biggest difference.

Let’s be honest, aren’t we all looking for cheap ways to impress our relatives this holiday season?

Read on for six easy lighting changes to create a more intimate atmosphere.

1. Warm and Cool Light

Did you know that there are actually warm and cool lights in terms of color?

The secret is the temperature of the light. And, light color can actually be measured by the Kelvin temperature scale.

Temperatures that are between 2,700 to 3,000K tend to emit a warm, yellow color and is considered lower.

Midrange temperatures would be between 3,500 and 4,100K and emit a neutral, white appearance.

Lastly, temperatures that are 5,000K or above emit a cool, bluish tinted appearance.

Use a variety of these in your home. Warmer lights fit best in living rooms, and bedrooms. Neutral lights work well in kitchens or offices.

Then, cooler lights are best in areas where you crave daylight-tinted bulbs, such as reading areas or above greenery.

2. Soft, Dim Lights

Recall the last time you enjoyed a romantic dinner by candlelight or dimmed lanterns.

Wouldn’t you love to recreate that effect in your own home, whenever you’d like?

It can be possible with soft and dim light to channel your favorite five-star restaurant in your dining room.

To get the intimate atmosphere with lighting, simply install dimmers or purchase lights with dimming abilities.

Place these lights in areas where intimacy is desired, such as dining rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, or living rooms. Next, it’s just all about the timing.

3. Colored Lights

Did you know that different colors can stimulate different moods?

To manipulate your mood as well as other family members, add in lights that provoke various emotions.

Some examples of the different colors and moods according to Mind Body Green include:

  • Red: Energizing, and stimulating
  • Orange: Creative, and warming
  • Yellow: Positive, and strength
  • Green: Balance, compassion, harmony
  • Blue: Calm, loyalty, expressive
  • Indigo: Integrity, intuitive, insightful
  • Violet: Wisdom, inspiration, transformation

Light therapy can also be used to increase vitamin D production and provide numerous health benefits.

4. Focal Lights

Focal lights can be perfect for kitchens, bars, and living rooms. Carefully placed decorations can be perfect for an intimate atmosphere with lighting.

Simply decide the areas that you would like to be your focal points of the room, and place lighting in that area.

This tip can be combined with other changes, such as colored lighting, dim lighting, or warm/cold lighting.

The point is, pick something you love and improve it with light. This could be as simple as a flower arrangement, or as large as a piece of furniture.

Use this to direct attention to that area, making an excellent talking point for visitors and family. You could even highlight your favorite piece of artwork.

5. Accent Lamps

Accent lamps are perfect for any area of the home, from bedrooms to living rooms.

They can be rope lights, floor lamps, or table lamps, but the important part is that the light brings value to your life.

These are perfect to decorate a room while adding an intimate atmosphere with lighting.

In addition, multiple accent lights can create a beautiful effect in a room. Choose lights that highlight your personal style.

Fun options could include lava lamps or Chinese lanterns. Or, channel your inner bohemian style with a Moroccan lantern that reminds you of all your past journeys.

Regardless, use lighting as both an accent and mood-setter for any room in your home.

6. Clear Twinkle Lights

Clear twinkle lights can be ideal to place under or behind furniture. In the kitchen, you could even place them below or above cabinets for an intimate effect.

However, proceed with caution in the placement of this type of light. Unless it is a college dorm room, obvious twinkle lights can look out of place.

The exception could be in the bedroom, especially if the lights are shrouded with curtains.

But, you are not limited in options to place the lights. This is the perfect opportunity to get creative and think of new ways to use them.

The best option is to use them in an indirect method of placement and to reap the intimate atmosphere.

Moreover, colored twinkle lights can add to the effect of intimacy by stimulating certain moods, as mentioned above.

For a romantic atmosphere, choose clear or white twinkle to boost the feelings of love and calm.

The Best Intimate Atmosphere with Lighting

In terms of lighting options, only the best should be used. The highest quality at reasonable prices should be the goal of any consumer.

Additionally, companies should be flexible to customize any lighting project goals and inspirations you have in mind.

And, options should never be limited in terms of lighting. You want many options to choose from to make the best choice for your lovely home.

From electricians to homeowners, to business owners, Bird Dog Lighting can fulfill all of your lighting needs.

In addition, with the holidays quickly approaching, wow your neighbors with the top of the line Christmas and winter-themed lights.

Find your inspiration, and begin to plan for your new, intimate lighting for your home.

Check out our LED light fixture products to begin creating an intimate atmosphere with today.

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