6 Benefits of Using LED Lights for Your Graduation Party

Posted by Birddog Lighting on May 30th 2023

6 Benefits of Using LED Lights for Your Graduation Party

Over 3.3 million high school students are earning their diploma this spring, and that's something worth celebrating. If your graduation is on the horizon, it's time to start planning your graduation party.

Graduation parties tend to be hours-long affairs filled with family, friends, food, and fun. Throwing your graduation party in a park or a backyard is a great way to accommodate a crowd while enjoying the early summer weather.

The only problem? If you plan to keep partying after sunset, you'll have to come up with some reliable lighting solutions. LED strip lights are the perfect choice to set the festive tone and keep the party going.

Read on to learn the six benefits of using LED lights for your graduation party.

1. Easy Installation

When you're setting up the space for your graduation party, you don't want to spend hours fussing over lights. With lanterns and other single-bulb lights, you'll have to hang individual hooks or stake individual posts into the ground for each light. LED strip lights are much easier to install and won't eat up the time you want to spend celebrating.

When installing LED strip lights, make sure the surface you're adhering them to is clean. Then, remove the cover on the adhesive tape and press the lights to the surface. You can add zip ties or fixing clips to increase the security of the lights.

Make sure to plug your lights into a surge protector for maximum safety. When using LED strip lights outdoors, use weatherproof heat tape to protect all connections.

2. No Heat

When you're packing your living room or an event tent with all your loved ones, things can start to heat up. The last thing that you want is to use a lighting solution that contributes to the heat in your party space.

Unlike other types of lights, LED lights emit next to no heat. That means that you can touch them without burning yourself, but it also means that it won't increase the ambient heat anywhere that you install your LED lights. This is one of the biggest LED light advantages when it comes to big parties and events.

3. Low Environmental Impact

It's no secret that today's high schoolers are concerned about the environment. When you're shopping for accessories and decor for your graduation party, why not purchase items that have a low environmental impact?

For example, some other types of lights contain mercury and require special handling when you want to dispose of them. LED lights don't contain mercury and are easier to dispose of properly once they no longer work.

LED lights are also considered eco-friendly lights because they are energy efficient. LED lights use less power to operate than normal lights, meaning that you won't have to worry about running up the electric bill to use LED strip lights for your party.

4. Long Lifespan

When you buy new lights for your graduation party, you want to know that they're reliable. Lights that burn out or overheat after a few hours won't do you much good when you're planning an event that will last into the night!

LED lights can last decades, so you won't have to worry about them dying on you the night of your party. As always, we do suggest testing your lights before you alter them in any way, as you can get the occasional strip that doesn't light up properly. Don't keep your LED strip lights on for 24 hours straight, instead giving them a few hours to rest each day for optimal performance.

5. Tons of Color Choices

No party is complete without a theme, and that theme will play a major impact on the color scheme you use in your decorations! Sure, you can always go with the classic white LED lights to create a festive and airy atmosphere. However, the options are practically limitless, so don't hesitate to get creative.

Do you want to honor your school colors with your lights? Would you rather fill the party space with all your favorite colors? Do you want color-changing lights that will get everyone ready for the dance floor?

No matter what color scheme you have in mind, you'll find LED lights to match.

6. High Output

It's not always easy to decide what kind of lights to use for a party, especially an outdoor party where you can't rely on a mix of overhead lights and lamps to illuminate the space. While you don't want something so harsh it makes people's eyes hurt, you do want something that will provide ample visibility for comfort, safety, and enjoyment.

LED strip lights are a great choice because they don't have a harsh glare that will strain your guests' eyes, but they still have a high enough output to light up your party. Whether you're hoping to take photos after dark, check out the dessert buffet, or roam around the yard without worrying about tripping over something, LED strip lights are the perfect match.

Light Up Your Graduation Party With LED Lights

As you plan your graduation party, don't underestimate the importance of lighting. Without great lighting, no one will be able to see all your decorations, your great party outfit, or each other after the sun goes down. Keep the party going as late as you want thanks to all these great LED light benefits.

Need help picking out the perfect LED strip lights for your party? Take a look at our LED strip light buying guide, send us a question in the chat box, or send us a message through our online portal and we'll get back to you ASAP.

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