5 Unique Ways to Use Neon Rope Lights to Accent Your Interior Design

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Feb 7th 2023

5 Unique Ways to Use Neon Rope Lights to Accent Your Interior Design

Neon lights aren't just for eye-popping storefront signs. You can incorporate them into your own interior design to complement the unique personality of your home's interior design.

In fact, installing a vintage-style neon sign is one of the first ideas to consider for your home makeover!

Home makeovers themselves come with several surprising health benefits. Giving your home a "fresh start" helps calm the mind, balance out energy, and provide restorative healing. It also promotes creative surges and innovation.

Thus, adding a burst of color like neon rope lights can make a world of difference, turning an uninspired space into a real sanctuary.

Are you ready to give your home a much-needed makeover?

Start with these five creative ideas for using rope lights in your interior design.

1. Turn Any Room Into a Mini Movie Theater

Have you always dreamed of installing a real mini movie theater in your house?

Why pay all that money when you can transform any room in your home into a theater with the help of LED neon ropes?

Neon rope lights come in a wide range of colors, including:

  • Cool and classic white
  • Cool red and white
  • Vibrant multicolored styles
  • Purple LED rope lights
  • Classic yellow lights
  • Teal rope lights
  • Bright Fushia colors
  • Classic green
  • Green and red (holiday style)
  • Blue LED neon lights
  • Classic red
  • Red, white, and blue (4th of July)
  • Orange rope lights
  • Cool blue and white
  • Warm white rope lights

First, arrange the room of your choice to look like a theater as much as possible. Next, create a signature movie theater walkway using rope lights. You can also line the bottom and top edges of the walls with indoor rope lighting.

If you want to create that classic cinema look, use warm white rope lights or classic yellow. These lights look great with any color of flooring and upholstery. If you want to make a permanent movie room, install a large flat-screen wall monitor or wall projector, complete with movie theater red seats and patterned carpeting.

2. From Kid Room to Teen Room

Kids grow up fast and they need the right bedroom style to match. Instead of investing in a total room remodel, give your teen a bedroom makeover using LED rope lights instead. You'll be surprised by what new lighting design can do.

A fresh lighting design can add new dimension to a room, even creating the illusion of a larger room. You can also separate (or divide) a bedroom into parts using lights.

For example, you could create a separate art corner or reading space using rope lights.

Look at outdoor spaces and patios for inspiration. Notice how they hang rope lights to create a canopy? You can create a similar effect in a bedroom.

Create a reading corner by installing hooks in the wall to hang your LED rope lights, crisscrossing them to create a cool outdoor patio effect indoors. Throw in a bunch of large, fluffy pillows and light the space with short bookcases to create a comfy and colorful reading sanctuary. This space is also the ideal hangout spot for your teen's friends where they can chill and listen to music.

They can also decorate their own room with rope lights since they're so easy to hang and install. Teens crave autonomy! Surprise your teen with their first collection of indoor neon lights to inspire their long-awaited bedroom makeover.

3. Envision Your Dream Bar With Neon Rope Lights

Are you installing a bar inside your home?

Indoor bars are ideal entertaining spaces for intimate to large gatherings.

Take inspiration from your favorite bars to imagine your new bar. Again, outdoor bars provide plenty of inspiration. Look at how they drape and install rope lights in their spaces to create ambiance and dimension.

You can have a lot of fun here with the colors. Go wild with bold color combinations and multicolored rope lights. You can also open up interior doors to merge your indoor space with your patio, creating a larger area for mingling.

Of course, no bar is complete without neon signs. This time, create your own unique designs using rope lights.

Use rope lights to spell out "Happy Birthday" if you're throwing a party at your home bar. You can also create simple circles, moons, flowers, planets, and even palm trees. LED rope tubing works perfectly for DIY neon signs, as well.

Don't forget to line your new bar install with rope lights. Twinkling lights work well, as they attract more people to the bar.

4. Illuminate Your Bathroom With LED Neon Ropes

Bathrooms need plenty of lighting options, including dimming and mood lighting. Colorful lights are perfect for when you want to transform your bathroom from a fluorescent-lit space to a calmer sanctuary for baths and relaxation.

You can install (and remove) RGB lighting at any time. Calming colors like purple, warm white, and cool blue work really well when you want to turn your bathroom into a spa day. However, be careful when installing lights near water, and ensure you have plenty of ventilation.

Decorating your bathroom with LED lights is a fun thing to do for holiday parties, as well.

5. Try Something New in the Living Room

Do you want to liven up your living room without investing in any major renovations?

Invest a fraction of the cost into a new lighting design instead.

Take pointers from the previous sections in this article, including inspiration from some of your favorite outdoor spaces, commercial establishments, and interior home designs.

For example, you can replace your current wall art (i.e. paintings, portraits, and photographs) with neon rope art instead. You can also keep it minimalist with all warm and cool white light art. Curly cues, simple circles, and straight multi-parallel lights work well with this theme.

Reimagine Interior Design With Neon Lights

Stop before you take a hammer to those walls. Think about what fresh lighting can do for your interior design, instead!

Start by thinking creatively with neon rope lights for every room in your home. Take inspiration from anywhere, from illuminated patios to Architectural Digest.

Are you ready to get started on your interior design project?

Order now from our large selection of rope lights, or contact us to learn more about our products.

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