10 of the Most Creative LED Lighting Ideas For Your Home

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Apr 20th 2020

10 of the Most Creative LED Lighting Ideas For Your Home

Does your home decor feel stale? Spring is coming, and you’re looking for a new way to kick your home’s interior up a notch.

Here’s an idea: wake your home up with LEDs.

LED lights come in many forms, with strips being the most popular type used for decor. There are several ways to use them, whether it’s just for looks or serves a functional purpose.

Let’s get those creative juices flowing with this list of eleven creative LED lighting ideas for your home.

1. Backlight Television Screens

Televisions are often the focal point of living rooms, but sitting around watching TV is hard on our eyes. 

Think about it. Your eye is trying to focus on a bright light that’s surrounded by darkness. Your brain recognizes that the screen is bright, but your eyes will continue trying to adjust to the overall environment.

Our eyes strained when watching TV, and this can cause headaches or migraines for some people. Adding LED lighting to the back of screens helps address eye strain by offsetting the TV’s brightness.

Not only will your eyes thank you, but the blacks on your TV screen will look richer and there will be more depth to contrast. Plus, you can get color-changing LEDs to impress your guests.

Adjusting the TV’s brightness and contrast settings over and over can harm your picture quality. Solve your picture problems easily with LED light strips.

2. Float Your Picture Frames

Gallery walls are in, but what about floating picture frames?

You can get this effect easily by adding LED strips to the back or sides of a picture frame. This lighting will enhance your photos and artwork, making them stand out against your wall. This effect makes your wall art appear as if it’s floating.

LEDs don’t emit heat, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your heirlooms or fine art.

3. Enhance Parts of Your Kitchen

As the “heart of the home,” you can’t neglect your kitchen when redesigning your space. 

LED light strips or tape are the perfect way to add bright, crisp light to your kitchen. They’re compact and energy-efficient, so you can go wild lighting cabinets, countertops, and drawers.

If you’re looking for a neon effect, stick with rope lights. For a more diffused look, choose tape lights. To make your kitchen cabinets pop, use tape lights inside and outside of them.

Line the edges of your kitchen counter or island with LED tape lights to enhance the space with even more light.

4. Create an Ambient Bathtub

Imagine relaxing in a bathtub after a long day with soothing, ambient light surrounding you.

To softly illuminate your bathroom, add LED strips to the bottom of your bathtub. You can also run them underneath the rim of your tub (depending on the style).

5. Rethink Furniture

Yes, you can even light your furniture with LED lights. As discussed earlier, they don’t emit heat, so you won’t damage your nicer pieces.

Add LED strips underneath your furniture for unique room lighting. Choosing strips that change color allow you to customize your space even more.

Lighting the sofa or an armchair creates an ambiance, but it also makes it easier to find the remote when it’s dropped on the floor!  

Use LED lights to update the look of outdated furniture. The soft light will be perfect when you have people over.

You can consider LED lighting for cribs, too. It will give you light to see at night without waking your little one.

6. Showcase Your Shelves

Shelves are for displaying your favorite books, artwork, collectibles, or other knick-knacks. But what if there was a way to make your shelves art, as well?

Adding LED lights to shelves is an interesting way to showcase not only your trinkets but the shelves themselves. If you have a shelf with cubes, consider adding a different color strip to each one, creating a “color coding” effect.

Adding LED lights to shelves in closets and cabinets is an easy way to update the space but also make them easier to navigate.

7. Upgrade Your Mirrors

A good vanity mirror is a necessity, and LED lights are a great way to enhance them. Add LED strip lights or ropes to the edges of your mirror to get a spotlight effect.

You’ll feel like a Hollywood starlet with your new vanity setup.

8. Widen Your Stairs

If you have a narrow staircase, add lights to your stairs to make them look wider. This will also add some depth.

You can add color, but use warm and cool white to modernize your staircase.

Add the lights below the railing or underneath the tread of each step. You’ll think they look great, but wait until you can navigate your stairs at night without turning on overhead lighting. Game changer!

9. Light the Ceiling

When thinking about home decor, don’t neglect your ceiling.

Adding LED lighting to your ceiling is inexpensive, but it looks interesting and can highlight previously ignored architectural details. This is a great way to modernize a historical building without diminishing the charm.

Strips are the most common choice for lighting ceilings. You can find them in several sizes. Their versatility allows you to install them as recessed or surface-mounted lighting. Or, you can be more creative and experiment with pendant lights. 

LED is also an attractive choice for ceiling lighting because you can control most with a remote.

10. Elluminate the Wine Cellar

Imagine sending your guests to the wine cellar to retrieve a bottle of wine and impressing them with custom, LED lit wine racks.

Highlight just the edges of your racks, or insert LED strips into each hole of the rack for a jaw-dropping effect.

Take Home Decor to the Next Level With These LED Lighting Ideas

Now that you have ideas, it’s time to decide which project to start first. Before you know it, you will deck your whole house out in these versatile lights.

If you have LED lighting ideas, we have the products to bring your projects to life. We can’t wait to see what you create!

Our inventory is available online, but you can also request a free catalog for an easy-to-understand presentation of our complete line of lighting products.

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