LED Lighting Guide for Your Motorcycle

When you’re on a motorcycle, there’s never such a thing as being too visible. Seeing the road and being seen by others is the biggest part of safe riding. The right lights also add custom style so everyone knows it’s you that’s coming.

A set of motorcycle LED lights accomplishes both of these goals while using far less battery power and lasting longer than traditional incandescent or halogen bulbs. Our guide to motorcycle LED lighting has everything to help you get started, including why to use LEDs, where and how to install LED accent lights on a motorcycle and other helpful information.

Advantages of Using Motorcycle LED Lights

We’ve found several good reasons to add LED lights to a motorcycle. As mentioned, they make it much easier for you to see and for other drivers to see you. This greatly improves safety at night or on cloudy/rainy days. Motorcycle LEDs rarely need to be replaced, and they ease the strain on your electrical system. In many cases, you can add LED lights while still using the OEM battery.

Places to Put Motorcycle LED Lights

When it comes to new lights, there are many custom options:

  • Standard Light Replacements: Many of the regular lights that are part of everyday riding can be replaced with LED automotive lights. Use LED headlights, taillights, turn signals and other auxiliary lights for improved visibility and response times.
  • Body Lights: Placing motorcycle LED accent lights in certain areas can make your running lights or the bike as a whole more noticeable. See our FAQs below for more information.
  • Wheel Lights: Adding LED wheel lights to a motorcycle is as much for eye candy as for function. You’ll certainly get noticed when you pull up with some glowing and flashing blue, orange or yellow wheels.
  • Helmet Lights: Motorcycle helmet LED lights are a very useful safety tool. Large vehicle operators often overlook motorcyclists because the bike headlights are below what the rear-view mirror can show them. Helmet lights raise your line of sight to reduce collisions.
  • Underglow Lights: By mounting lights underneath the fairing, below the fender, at the bottom of the gas tank and other areas, there’ll always be a bright glow along for the ride.

Installing Motorcycle LED Lights

In most cases, adding LED lights a motorcycle isn’t much different than with a car or house. LED headlights, blinkers and taillights are installed the same way as the factory lights. For LED light strips, you’ll need to run wires from your battery to the lights and solder them together. Make sure to do the following before you start wiring:

1. Disconnect the battery.

2. Measure the approximately wire length. (It’s better to have a little too much than not enough.)

3. Avoid potential heat sources and snag sources. (Mufflers, chains, foot pegs, etc.)

As for how to put LED lights on motorcycle wheels, there are a few specific steps involved. You’ll need to make a “power puck” to mount the connectors, terminal, etc. inside the hub if you’re connecting to the motorcycle battery. Another option is to use an independent battery system. By adding some tape to the wheels before gluing the LED light strips on, it will be easier to remove them later if needs. You should also keep everything contained within the wheel to avoid broken wires. It may be necessary to rebalance the wheels once the installation is complete.

Custom Lighting Made Simple

At Birddog Lighting, you can order an assortment of 12-volt LED light strips for motorcycles along with installation accessories for a bright, colorful result. If you have questions about your DIY motorcycle lighting project, call, help from our experienced support staff is just a phone call away. We have the lowest prices guaranteed on DIY lighting supplies to make your motorcycle stand out.

Motorcycle LED Lights Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best LED lights for motorcycles?

The two best options for motorcycle LEDs are headlights and strip lights. Motorcycle LED headlamps with an 1156 or 1157 bayonet base (depending on the model) offer unparalleled visibility and longevity for the road ahead. By added well-placed LED light strips, you’ll help others see you at night while also adding some personalized style.

Where do you put LED strips on a motorcycle?

The most important location for motorcycle LED strip lights is on the rear tail section. Placing one strip on each side increases the visibility of your brake lights and tail lights. Small strips placed near the radiator and on the fork make the front stand out. For more of an “underglow” effect, you can mount LED strips on the lower fairing, the bottom of the gas tank or the general underbody area. Exact locations vary depending on the bike model and rider preferences.

Is motorcycle Underglow legal?

In all states, motorcycle LED underglow lighting is 100% legal when the bike is parked or on private property. However, some states and municipalities ban riding with aftermarket accent lighting on public roads due to concerns about distracting other drivers. Others only allow certain colors and brightness levels or have limitations on where you can install them. Find more information here about state underglow laws or check with your local municipality before investing in accent lights.

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