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Omnidirectional LED Rope Lights

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LED Omnidirectional rope lights are the most commonly used rope lighting on the market today. Omnidirectional means that the LED bulbs are placed horizontally through the rope light with each bulb facing the back of the bulb that is in front of it. This gives the appearance of light being emitted in every direction. The appearance of the light from omnidirectional bulb placed lighting can be somewhat dimmer than that of its counterpart, directional LED rope lighting, but in many instances, it can be difficult to see the difference. Our omnidirectional LED rope lighting comes in several different colors, Cool White, Warm White, Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Fuschia, Gold, and in a multi-colored. All other LED rope light accessories are compatible with either Directional or Omnidirectional rope lighting. The convenience and ease of use with the omnidirectional rope lighting has made it our most popular rope lighting ever. No need to know which direction the rope light should be mounted as there will be the same amount of light whichever direction that it is placed.

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