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Directional LED Rope Lights

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Directional LED Rope Lighting allows the consumer to place the rope lighting where the most amount of light will be visible from one direction. The LED bulbs are placed perpendicular to the length of the rope light and this creates the brightest possible light due to the fact that the LED bulbs are aimed at the area to be illuminated. The directional placement of the LED bulbs makes them brighter than omnidirectional and it must be recognized before installation that the directional bulb placement has a “dim” side as well as a “bright” side in order for it to be accurately installed. Our directional LED lights are made specifically for us here at Birddog Distributing, Inc. and are available in three colors, Cool White, Warm White, and Light Yellow and is used with all other regular accessories associated with rope lighting. Be sure and read through the overview and specifications tab to make sure this is the product that is going to work the best for you.

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