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120v LED Rope Light Accessory Kit Bending Rope Lights Rope Light Cut Marks

Brilliant 120 Volt LED Rope Light - 65 Feet

Item # RLL120H-20WW
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Have a smaller project that requires LED rope lights? 65 foot spools of Brilliant Brand LED rope lights are the perfect choice. You get the value of purchasing in bulk without having to buy a full 148 foot spool. Choose from 2 brilliant colors (cool white, warm white) or choose our multi-color rope lights for a mix of colors.

Looking for RGB color changing rope light? Visit our 65 foot RGB rope light page.
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Get quality ˝ inch rope lights in a smaller spool. Omnidirectional bulb placement directs light in all directions making this a great solution for accent or decorative lighting projects. Brilliant Brand LED rope lights use high quality LEDs encased in an ultra flexible PVC that can turn 90° corners and make U-bends. This spool carries a UL certification (when not cut) and a 2-year limited warranty.

LED rope light is very customizable, durable, and energy efficient. The cutting interval for this 65 foot blue spool is every 19.5 inches and several 2-wire rope light accessories can be used to satisfy your custom lighting project. Custom lighting effects can also be created with 2-wire rope light controllers. Use our multi-function controller to get your desired effect.

Need a larger spool? Save even more by purchasing our 148 foot bulk spools.

Don’t feel comfortable cutting your own rope light? Let us do it for you. Check out our custom cut LED rope lights.

Free Accessory Pack Included!
Every 65 foot LED Rope Light spool comes ready to plug in with the cord and end cap factory attached.

Each Kit Includes:
  • (1) 5 foot Standard Power Cord with Power Connector (Includes inline rectifier)


Mounting clips, track, and additional accessories sold separately.

Product Installation:
LED Rope Lights can be cut to length at the designated marks and are easily combined with various connectors and other accessories to accommodate your needs. See our guide for all the details on installing led rope lights.
  • We strongly recommend the use of a surge protector with our rope lights.
  • All connections must be sealed with a waterproof sealant or silicone and weatherproof heat tape kit when installing rope lights outdoors.
  • To avoid damaging your lighting and the possible fire risk, completely unspool lights before connecting to power.
  • Prior to cutting or modifying your lights, we recommend testing the light output and color for your project. Failure to test before altering a product may result in the inability to return or exchange your purchase.
  • Length:65 feet
  • Input:120 volt
  • Lifetime:100,000 hours
  • Power Consumption: Watts Per Foot: 0.74 watts
    Watts Per 65ft Spool: 48.1 watts
    Amps Per Foot: .0062 amps
    Amps Per 65ft Spool: .401 amps
  • Cutting Intervals:19.5 inches
  • Temperature Rating:-60°F - 220°F
  • Dimmable:Yes
  • Rope Diameter:1/2 inch
  • Bulb Placement [?]:Omnidirectional
  • Bulb Spacing:1 inch
  • Waterproof Rating: IP44 or IP65 (with connections properly sealed)
  • Max Run Length:Standard Power Cord: 180 feet
    High Output Rectifier: 600 feet
  • LEDs/Meter:39 LEDs/M
  • UV Protected:Yes
  • LED Color:
    Cool White
    Lumen Output: 1.5 Lumens per LED
    Wavelength: N/A
    Color Temperature [?]: 5500-6000k
    Warm White
    Lumen Output: 1.5 Lumens per LED
    Wavelength: N/A
    Color Temperature [?]: 2900-3200k
    Lumen Output: 1 Lumen per LED
    Wavelength: 460nm-470nm
    Lumen Output: 0.5 Lumens per LED
    Wavelength: 615nm-625nm
    Lumen Output: 1 Lumen per LED
    Wavelength: 515nm-525nm
    Lime Green
    Lumen Output: ? Lumens per LED
    Wavelength: N/A
    Lumen Output: 0.5 Lumens per LED
    Wavelength: 600nm-610nm
    Lumen Output: 1.5 Lumens per LED
    Wavelength: N/A
    Lumen Output: 1.5 Lumens per LED
    Wavelength: 585nm-595nm
    Lumen Output: 1.5 Lumens per LED
    Wavelength: (Red: 615nm-625nm, Blue: 460nm-470nm, Green: 515nm-525nm, Yellow: 585nm-595nm)

Rope Light Calculator – Calculate the length and sections required for your lighting project.

Calculate Total Amperage – Determine the total amperage and wattage of your run of lights.

Calculate Max Run Length – Calculate the maximum length on a single run of lights.

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(38 reviews)  

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john clement
May 12, 2017
Great product, bought it for camping lighting. Sturdy construction, looks like it will hold up well and serve me for several years.
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John Ehr
May 3, 2017
These lights are great and easy to install using the "P" clips. The shipment was quick and the lights went up without any issues and are very bright!
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Don Hoover
May 1, 2017
for direct exposure to the eye they are fine. For soffit lighting we had to double up on the strands and give careful placement to get much effect

Advantages: strands are quick and easy to install

Disadvantages: Big difference between the white and off white or amber in terms of illumination values.
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Feb 9, 2017
Excellent product. Used the LED rope light to replace florescent lights that were previously installed on top of ceiling beams. Cut the 65 foot roll into three 21 foot lengths and it worked perfectly. The light is exactly what I was looking for, and much easier on the eyes. Make sure you read the directions if cutting and connecting new power cords, it's very easy to do, but keep an eye out for polarization if the lights don't light when you plug them in. No special tools required, used a pair of dikes to cut, and the rest is pressed together by hand. I installed my lights inside, but if you plan on using the lights outside I would highly recommend sealing the connections with silicone.

Advantages: Directions were easy to follow. Product is easy to work with. Easy to cut to desired length. Easy to connect power cords after cutting.

Disadvantages: none
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Jan 17, 2017
It all worked perfectly. The rope is very flexible. I needed to do several 90-degree angles. I would purchase it again.

Advantages: Flexible Can be cut at short lengths.

Disadvantages: A bit hard to hook up to the electric cord after it has been cut.
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