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12v LED Strip Lights

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Easy To Use 12v LED Strip Lights

Low voltage LED strip lights make your lighting projects a breeze. Strip lights are compact at about 3/16” tall and less than a ½” wide, but pack a real pinch when it comes to light output. Impressive new SMD LED technology packs a super bright LED into a tiny space. Because of their size LED strip lights are very flexible and can be bent into almost any shape making them ideal for custom lighting projects, accent lighting, vehicles, stairs, and much more. The double sided sticky tape backing allows for easy installation on almost any clean, smooth surface. Strip lights can easily be cut to your desired length in intervals of either 2’ or 4’ depending on the version you select and they are available in waterproof IP65 or indoor IP22. What are you waiting for? Get your lights on!

12v LED Strip Light Uses and Applications

LED 12v Strip Light Applications:
  • Pools / Ponds / Water Features / Fish Tanks / Aquariums
  • Kitchen Cabinets and Shelves (kick board lighting, under cabinet, nightlight)
  • Bathroom Counters (kickboards and nightlights)
  • Closets / Attics (places with insufficient lighting or places that are hard to light)
  • Movie Theater / Game Room
  • Vehicles (interior and exterior lighting)
  • Weddings / Events

What’s the difference between SMD-3528 and SMD-5050 when it comes to 12v LED strip lights?

12v SMD-3528 LED Strip Lights LED Size

12v SMD 3528 LED Strip Lights:

  • Waterproof or Non-waterproof options
  • 300 Bright SMD LED's
  • 2 inch (every 3 LED's) cutting intervals
  • 1.46 Watts per foot power consumption
12v SMD-5050 LED Strip Lights LED Size

12v SMD 5050 LED Strip Lights:

  • Waterproof or Non-waterproof options
  • 300 High Output SMD LEDs
  • 4 inch (every 3 LED’s) cutting intervals
  • 2.2 Watts per foot power consumption