Outdoor Shrink Kit Installed

Weatherproofing Heat Tape Kit

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Great for weatherproofing power cords, end caps, inline splices, as well as 'T' and 'Y' connectors. The included special heat-shrink tape molds around connections to form a weather-tight seal. This kit includes two pieces of shrink and two pieces of adhesive heat shrink-tape. (Heat Gun required for use.) Recommended combined use with our Premium Silicone Sealant

Available in three sizes:
Small (this will accommodate 12 volt products)
Medium (this will accommodate 3/8 inch & 1/2 inch Rope as well as 120 volt Strip products)
Large (this will accommodate Neon and RGB Rope products)

  • For use with connections and end caps
  • Helps provide weather-tight seal
  • Easy to use; just apply heat
  • Each kit seals 2 connections

Outdoor Shrink Kit Installation Instructions:
Wrap the adhesive lined heat shrinkable tape around your lighting and connector in an overlapping spiral fashion, like you would normal electrical tape. Slide your heat shrink tubing over the lighting, connector, and tape. Shrink the tubing and tape using a heat gun. The adhesive will melt when the heat is applied, and solidify when cooled creating a watertight seal.
The minimum melting point of the hot melt adhesive is 95*C (204*F).
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