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Brilliant 12 Volt SMD-3528 LED Strip Light - 16.4 Feet

Item # STRP3528-22CW
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Brilliant Brand 12 volt LED strip lights offer excellent accent lighting for any indoor or outdoor projects. Use self-adhesive LED lighting with a 12 volt power source to produce a beautiful glowing aura of light. Available in an assortment of colors.

Pair your 12 volt LED Light Strips with a 12v Dimmer and you will have complete control over the brightness of your space.

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LED strip lighting is our most innovative lighting solution and is extremely versatile! 3528 self-adhesive LED lights can be cut every 2 inches making them ideal for custom jobs.

12 volt LED light strips feature 300 standard intensity single chip LEDs that consume only 1.46 watts per foot and last for 50,000 hours or more.

Choose from indoor only IP22 or waterproof IP65.

Looking for high intensity 12 volt strip light? Visit our 12 volt SMD-5050 LED strip light page.


12v Accessories Included:

This 16.4 foot self-adhesive LED Light Strip spool comes with everything you need to connect to your 12 volt power source.

  • 1 x Female Power Connector (pre-installed)

A 12 volt power source is required for this product. If needed, a 12 Volt Power Supply can be purchased separately.

  • Length: 16.4 foot Spool
  • Voltage: 12 Volt DC
  • Lifetime: 50,000 hours
  • Power Consumption: Watts Per Foot: 1.46 watts
    Watts Per 16.4ft Spool: 26.9 watts
    Amps Per Foot: .122 amps
    Amps Per 16.4ft Spool: 2.24 amps
  • Bulbs:300 Standard Intensity SMD 3528 LED's
  • Dimmable: Yes
  • Temperature Rating:-60°F - 131°F
  • Max Run Length:20 Feet
  • IP Rating:
    Indoor IP22
    Cut Interval: 2 inches (every 3 LED's)
    Dimensions: 2mm tall - 8mm wide
    Weather Resistance [?]: IP22 - Indoor Use Only
    Outdoor IP65
    Cut Interval: 2 inches (every 3 LED's)
    Dimensions: 4mm tall - 12mm wide
    Weather Resistance [?]: IP65 - Waterproof
  • Color:
    Cool White
    Color Temperature [?]: 5500-6000k
    Lumen Output: 10 Lm per LED
    CRI: 80
    Warm White
    Color Temperature [?]: 2900-3200k
    Lumen Output: 10 Lm per LED
    Lumen Output: 10 Lm per LED
    Wavelength: 465 - 470 nm
    Lumen Output: 10 Lm per LED
    Wavelength: 515 - 520 nm
    Lumen Output: 10 Lm per LED
    Wavelength: 625 - 630 nm
    Lumen Output: 10 Lm per LED
    Wavelength: 590 - 595 nm

Calculate Total Amperage Determine the total amperage and wattage of your run of lights.

Calculate Max Run Length Calculate the maximum length on a single run of lights.

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(6 reviews)  

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Scott Preston
May 21, 2016
In order to use this product you need the power supply connector, not supplied. I purchased this to connect to low voltage wire for my deck. It comes with an rca looking plug connected to it. In order to use the power connector they send you have to cut off the end. I sent it back and was charged a 15% restocking fee.
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May 1, 2016
I ordered this LED light on March 8th over the phone and was told it was in-stock and ready to ship out. A week later, I was informed the light was back-ordered and would take a month to get in. I finally got the light on April 30th. I understand much of the back-order issue was out of their control but waiting 8 weeks is ridiculous.
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Paul West
Dec 12, 2015
Ordered 2 16.4 foot rolls of IP65 outdoor only needed IP22 indoor type.

Advantages: Holiday savings kept the itams within budget.

Disadvantages: The warm white color is overly bright. The dimmer w/remote was discontinued.
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Gary Martin
Oct 21, 2015
Have not installed yet, but it appears to be what I wanted and it arrived in a timely manner
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Mr. MIke Gurley
Aug 26, 2015
Have purchased many LED lights for my restuarnt in the past few years, all have been 110volt a/c, no problems with any of these products! But recently purchaced 12 volt dc lights for my motorhome. I ordered the waterproof type with the solder ends, the connection was loose so when you wiggle the end it would turn on and off. I called and talked to a women there and told her my problem, she said she would send me a connector to solve the problem. one week went by nothing in the mail! In the mean time i instaleed the lights on 5the outside of the motorhome, i cleaned the surface with alcohol making sure it was real cean, put lights up that afternoon, went to bed. Got up next morning the lights where on the ground! bad glue, manufacturer date one year ago! I called back, talk to a gentlemen on the phone no problem i'll get you fixed up. 5 days later got my package in the mail, yahoo! But to my disappointment a snap on connector which is not waterproof and a roll of cheap doublesided tape not for outdoor use! This is not what i paid for! I went to Home Depot bought a 20.00 dollar of tape for outdoor use, prblem solved for me! I put some silicone around the connector you sent me, so maybe it will work. What should have been done in the first place is send me a replacement light strip, its all about customer service, i know this, i've been in the restaurant business for 25 years, with that said its been nice doing business with you up until now! Thanks,
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