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120 Volt RGB LED RF Weatherproof Universal Controller

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This universal weatherproof 120v controller allows for the highest amount of control for your LED lighting. Interchangeable pigtails allow you to use a single RF controller for any of our Brilliant Brand RGB products including RGB LED rope lights, RGB LED Strip Lights, and RGB LED neon rope lights. Simply select your desired pigtail from the drop down menu and we'll include it with your controller.
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The multi-functional controller chip allows you to choose from 7 preset colors or make up to 5 custom colors using the red, green, and blue individual channel adjustment buttons. This RF controller also has preset effects to choose from whenever you need to add some excitement to your lights! Brightness is adjustable for any steady burn colors as well as adjustable speed control for all of the effect settings.

RF remote and included lithium-ion battery allows you to change or adjust your RGB 120V lights from almost anywhere in your home or business from as far as 100 away even through walls. (Note: Walls and other obstructions may significantly decrease the maximum range.)

For more details on the effects see our RGB Remote Controller Guide
  • Voltage:110 Volt - 120 Volt
  • Temp Rating:-4° - 140F°
  • Amps:8 Amps
  • Wattage:1200 Watts
  • Receiver Type:Radio Frequency (RF)
  • Max Run:148 Feet
  • Controller Dimensions:6.0 inches Long x 4.0 inches Wide x 2.25 inches High
Average customer rating
(5 reviews)  

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Joshua Huddleston
Nov 1, 2017
Excellent product. I ordered the RGB LED strip lighting and it works great. I upgraded from the less industrial version strip lighting and have been happy ever since.

Advantages: Much better to have 1 controller with more volts than connecting a string of cheaper lights. Simple and easy to install.

Disadvantages: Make sure you protect your LED strip from weather and surges. For some reason, I have lost 2 different controllers.

LED light changing features are more complicated than the basic strip. Maybe I don't know how to use properly, but the preset color changing programs are not as good as some other products I have tested. Instead, I leave my LED strip on green and its very beautiful.
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Aug 7, 2017
The controller is cheap for what it does. It has one idiosyncrasy that is a pain. It flashes full brightness until it restores the previous setting when you power it up. It also has an annoying "Flicker" when you dim

Advantages: Cheap
Full function RF remote

Disadvantages: FLASH upon start-up
Flicker when dimming below about 75%
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May 18, 2017
They're fantastic when the don't break in shipping. I have now sent back 3 different boxes because they came to me broken. They were cooperative with me and made things simple but in my opinion, not worth the risk.

Advantages: when working properly, its fantastic.

Disadvantages: you dont know if itll work or not when you get it.
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Nov 25, 2016
Exactly what I was looking for. I like being able to dim or flash from a single controller.

Advantages: Multi Function

Disadvantages: None
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Nov 14, 2016
It say's it a "universal" controller, but didn't work with the 3 brands of 4 wire LED strip lighting that I used. My other controllers work fine regardless of LED strip lighting brand.
C'mon, they all come out of the same factory in China.
Anyway, customer service was supportive, but when they realized that I had other strip lights not purchased from Birddog, I was told that this is for BD's wiring configuration and wouldn't work with my lights.
What? BD has a different wiring config for its strip lights?
That being said, I just opened the universal box myself, examined the wiring as sent, rewired to the obvious so that +V = Black, R=Red, G=Green, and B=Blue and, ta da, all my lights work.
Why BD has the 'other' wiring is beyond me.
Now, after my silly re-wire, the unit is pretty good. It drives the full 50M rolls that I intend to use it on.
And, its programmable with a remote.
Yes, it has pre-programmed functions too.

Advantages: Once you get the wiring correct, the unit works very well.
Programming the remote is quick and easy for additional functions.

Disadvantages: Not "universal"...per customer service, only works with BD products.
(Easy to rewire...)
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