Iowa town to light new park with LEDs

The town of Davenport, Iowa, has plans to go greener - both literally and figuratively. The city is constructing a new park that will be lit by eco-friendly LED lights, says the Quad City Times.

A new, beautiful public space featuring grass and Kentucky coffee trees will soon be available to Davenport residents - and they can feel safe and secure in their tranquil addition thanks to LED lighting that'll bathe the park in a cool, bright glow.

The project, which will cost around $120,000, could ultimately help save the neighborhood money, thanks to the energy-efficient nature of LED lights. Light-emitting diodes use less energy than incandescent bulbs, helping cities cut their electric bills down significantly.

Of course, it's not just cities that benefit from LEDs - homeowners can enjoy the cost savings associated with the lighting, too. Make the switch to LED rope lights and LED T8 tubes in your home to save big on your next electricity bill.

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