Las Vegas upgrading to LED lights

The city of Las Vegas, Nevada, is one of the brightest in the world - and now it will shine even prettier with LED lights, says New Streetlights.

The City of Sin has announced a plan designed to replace some 42,000 street lights with energy-efficient LED bulbs, which could save the municipality more than $2 million annually on power costs. The change will come in two phases: a trial in six areas of the city, which began a few months ago, and finally a municipality-wide implementation of light-emitting diode technology.

“We had been watching LED technology for some time, and once it made sense from a performance and price perspective, we worked on developing specifications for our illumination needs,” Niel Rohleder, assistant traffic manager for the city of Las Vegas, told the source.

While upgrading to energy-efficient lighting is a great option for cities, don't forget that LED lights can be a big money saver for small businesses, too. Try making your business more efficient by switching to LED T8 tube lights in all your offices, bathrooms and showrooms. Not only will you save money, you'll also enjoy a more natural, uplifting glow.

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