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Under Cabinet LED Light Bars

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Brilliant 24 Volt Under Cabinet LED Light Bar - Flush Mount


Brilliant Flush Mount LED Light Bars feature an ultra-thin and sleek design measuring less than a half an inch in thickness and just over an inch in width. Choose from 12 inch or 24 inch lengths in three color variations; Cool White (6000k), Natural...

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Brilliant 24 Volt Under Cabinet LED Light Bar - Corner Mount


This 24 volt Brilliant Corner Mount LED Light Bar is the easiest solution for mounting light in a corner and it's ideal for under cabinet task lighting in the kitchen or other workspace area. Available in 12 inch or 24 inch lengths and in three color...

Get targeted lighting where you need it the most by choosing under cabinet LED light bars from Birddog Lighting. Our end-to-end connectable Brilliantâ„¢ brand LED light bars function flawlessly for under cabinet lighting applications, delivering just the right amount of light to your work surfaces. Whether you're looking for ways to illuminate your food prep areas or just want to be able to see the buttons on your favorite appliances, our under cabinet lights are an affordable solution to a common problem.

LED under cabinet light bars from Birddog Lighting offer the choice between an ultra-thin flush mount profile or a 90-degree corner mount design. That means you have options when it comes to your kitchen lighting. Choose the light bar type that's right for your needs to either illuminate your workspace from above or at an angle. Both options are easily concealed and will deliver plenty of light without impeding your kitchen operations.

Under cabinet lights have been the standard for many years, but corner mount LED light bars offer an exciting addition to the usual kitchen lighting package. These light bars can be installed perfectly into 90 degree vertical edges to create superb lighting effects, while still hiding the light source effectively. They can easily be paired with traditional LED light bars for under cabinets, which provide light from directly above your workspace. Our flush mount design helps conceal the light bars so you'll enjoy plentiful light without taking away from your kitchen design.

Visit Birddog Lighting to find the kitchen lighting solutions that are right for your needs. Our ultra-thin under cabinet lighting products make it easy to create a high-end look at a bargain price. We carry several light bars to choose from so you can order the right combination of lighting products for your needs. All of our LED under cabinet lights are made using energy-efficient bulbs that will not drive up your utility costs. Shop today and find the lighting products you need to brighten up your kitchen.