LED String Lights

Brilliant Brand Lighting

Brilliant 70 M5 LED String Light Set - 4 Inch Spacing


Brilliant M5 LED String Lights add a distinct and vivid illumination to any indoor or outdoor lighting display. Set features 70 bright LEDs spaced 4 inches apart and measures 23.5 feet in length. This commercial quality 70 LED light set is energy...

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Up North Lighting

25 C9 LED String Lights - 8 Inch Spacing


Create a professional quality Christmas light display this year and enjoy the energy efficiency and long life of LED lighting plus the durability of our weatherproof, easy-to-install LED C9 string light sets. Features: 17.5 ft total length, 8 in bulb...

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Up North Lighting

25 C7 LED String Lights - 8 Inch Spacing


Ditch the mini holiday lights for the long-lasting beauty of C7 LED lights pre-strung for your convenience. Each 25-bulb Christmas light string has faceted C7 plastic bulbs that last up to 30,000 hours with green waterproof molded sockets and wiring. Get...

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No Label

25 C9 LED String Lights - 4 Inch Spacing


Enjoy maximum brightness and energy savings with these 25-count LED C9 indoor/outdoor holiday light sets. We offer warm white and multi-color C9 LED string light sets that can be connected for lining windows, columns, gutters and more. Illuminate your...

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Top 5 Reasons To Buy an LED String Light Set

LED String lights are quickly becoming the go-to light for holiday decorating. With price points lower than ever you will want to discover the benefits of multi-color LED string lights this holiday season:

Energy Savings – Save over 80% compared to standard incandescent mini lights.

Super Long Life – Enjoy your LED string lights for many years to come.

Durability – LED mini lights are virtually unbreakable. No delicate filament that can get damaged.

Safety - LEDs are so energy efficient that they don’t get hot.

Eco-Friendly – Free of toxic chemicals like mercury, you can use your LED lights worry free.

Long Runs – Connect a multitude of LEDs string lights together up to 43 sets for extra-long runs.

Incandescent lights have been around for years, but they're quickly fading into the background with the arrival of string LED lights. During the holidays, many people enjoy decorating their homes with Christmas lights and Hanukkah lighting. However, it turns out there are brighter - and more eco-friendly - ways to celebrate the season.

LED string light sets are growing in popularity for a number of reasons. This alternative to incandescent lights reduces energy consumption, which can save money when the fixtures are left on throughout the holidays. Multi-color LED string lights also produce less heat, which poses less of a fire hazard, especially when hung around Christmas trees.