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Incandescent Rope Lights


Red Incandescent Rope Light - 120 Volt - 1/2 Inch - 150 Feet


Red ½ inch 120 volt incandescent rope lights are great for lighting up landscape projects, your home, or your business. Red rope lights are a colorful and economic lighting solution to all your lighting needs. Incandescent rope lights are flexible and...


Red Incandescent Rope Light - 120 Volt - 3/8 Inch - 150 Feet


Look no further than our Red 3/8 inch incandescent rope light for your next lighting project. This fun and cost effective rope light solution will be sure to add flavor whether you are lighting your house, your business or organization, or brightening...

Brilliant Brand Lighting

Red Incandescent Rope Light - 12 Volt - 3/8 Inch - 150 Feet


Red 12v Incandescent Rope Lights are perfect for anywhere low voltage lights are needed. They are safe to work with and are rated for indoor and outdoor use. Light up your RV’s, trucks, or boat. Or create back lighting for your TV. Our Red 12v...

If you are looking for a rope lighting option that has a lower up front cost, then incandescent rope lights are for you! Incandescent rope lights are composed of colored PVC coating and is flexible enough to be bent into nearly any shape that is not a right angle. Brilliant Brand incandescent rope lights come in either ½ inch or 3/8 inch diameters and you can choose from yellow, blue, clear, pearl white, red, amber, green, purple, or pink colors. Whatever color you choose, you will be amazed with the quality of our lighting.

Birddog Lighting also sells incandescent accessories, such as power cords, clips, and much more. Our incandescent 12-volt & 120-volt rope lights are available in spools. All spools are 150 feet in length and can be cut in 36-inch intervals for 120-volt or 4-inch intervals for 12-volt.

*Please test your lights before cutting the product or it may result in the inability to return or exchange your purchase.