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10 Inch 3D LED Acrylic Polar Bear Motif with Santa Hat

$44.99 $34.99

Add this cute bear to your holiday decorations this year. Lit by 40 LEDs, he sits 10.6 inches tall and can be purchased alongside his two other brothers: walking polar bear (sold separately) and...


12 Foot LED Showmotion 3D Christmas Tree


These giant LED filled 3-D animated Christmas tree motifs are sure to impress and attract the eyes of all your friends and neighbors. Not only is each tree is quick and simple to set up right out of...


12 Inch 3D LED Acrylic Snowman Motif

$49.99 $39.99

This friendly snowman is lit from within by 30 LEDs giving off a wonderful glow for your visitors this coming Christmas. Additional Information: Dimensions: 9 inches in length, 7 inches in width,...


12 Inch Cool White LED Rope Light Snowflake Motif

$49.99 $39.99

Celebrate the winter season with our cool white LED Snowflake motif. This snowflake comes with a hanging ring for easy installation and is constructed for both indoor and outdoor use...


13 Foot Santa with Sign LED Christmas Inflatable


This 13 foot tall Inflatable Santa with Merry Christmas Sign is sure to get the message across to help get everyone in the Christmas spirit. Colorful and fun, this merry message self-inflates in...


13 Inch Red LED Rope Light Christmas Bow Motif


This high-quality Red LED Christmas Bow rope light motif will make a delightful addition to your Christmas light displays this year. LED rope light is bright, durable and energy efficient ensuring...

14 inch 3d led acrylic deer motif


14 Inch 3D LED Acrylic Deer Motif

$84.99 $49.99

This young Bambi will be a cute addition to your Christmas decorations. He's lit by 50 LEDs and goes great with any of our other 3D animal motifs. Additional Information: Dimensions: 12 inches in...


15.75 Inch Blue LED Neon Rope Light Snowflake Motif

$49.99 $32.99

Our beautiful glowing LED neon rope light snowflake motifs are perfect to help create a ¬beautiful winter wonderland no matter what the weather! Our motif uses LED neon rope light, so the glow is...


17 Inch 3D LED Christmas Star Motif


The 3D star has 30 LEDs inside a durable metal frame meant for any weather condition. It can be hung in any place you'd like with a built in hanging ring and is perfect for the porch or entryway...


18 Inch Cool White LED Rope Light Snowflake Motif v1

$99.99 $54.99

Our 18 inch by 18 inch snowflake motif is a great choice for your winter display. This bright white motif is built on a powder coated frame and with UV enhanced LED rope light so it can withstand the...


18 Inch Cool White LED Rope Light Snowflake Motif v2


If you are looking for a bright motif to add to your lighting display, then you will like our cool white LED rope light snowflake motif. Our snowflakes can be used both indoors and outdoors as they...