120 Volt LED Rope Lights

RGB Color Changing SMD LED Neon Rope Light - 120 Volt - 148 Feet


Brilliant Brand RGB SMD LED color changing neon rope lights are the ultimate solution to all of your lighting needs and you will be amazed of the versatility and lustrous capability they offer! With 6 preset colors, you can use these lights in any...

RGB Color Changing LED Rope Light - 120 Volt - 148 Feet

$699.99 $499.99

Our highly sought after 4-wire LED RGB color changing rope lights will turn your project into a stunning work of art. With 2 controller options and a wide variety of accessories we have everything you need to make a spectacular and dynamic lighting...

RGB Color Changing LED Rope Light - 120 Volt - 65 Feet

$289.99 $259.99

Create dazzling effects with this hard to find 4-wire RGB LED rope light spool. Rectangular PVC encases red, blue, and green LEDs. Brilliant™ Brand RGB LED rope lights measure 3/4 inch x 3/8 inch and can be cut at 39 inch intervals. Use RGB color...

RGB Color Changing LED Rope Light - 120 Volt - Custom Cut


Let us cut your RGB LED color changing rope lights to your measurements (in intervals of 3.28 feet). RGB is a rectangular rope light with red, green, and blue LEDs. These rope lights measure 3/4 inch x 3/8 inch and come with a standard mini-controller...

120V LED Rope Lights

Four Major Benefits of 120-Volt LED Rope Lights

Color choice and quality - LED rope lights produce every color known in the visible light spectrum at a high quality coloring. This is done without the use of a filter and without a decrease in efficacy. White rope light is available in different color temperatures. Choose cool white for a slight blue hue that is good for task lighting or choose warm white that has a yellow hue which is good for creating a more comfortable relaxing atmosphere. Can’t decide on what color rope light LEDs you want for your lighting project? Choose them all by purchasing an RGB (red, green, blue) LED rope light that can change colors and rotate between color patterns through the use of a LED rope light controller.

Durability - Rope lights are already known for their strength and flexibility, but with the use of LED chips instead of incandescent bulbs your rope lights will last longer, hold up in cold weather, and be less prone to failure.

Energy Savings - LED rope lights require less power than any other type of lighting technology, saving up to 80% in energy costs. If you want to save money and reduce your energy consumption, choose LED rope lights over incandescent.

Custom Lighting Effects - There are many different lighting effects that can be achieved with LED rope light. LED rope lighting is highly programmable through use of controllers which allow you to dim, fade, chase, and change color.

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