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120 Volt LED RGB Rope Lights

Brilliant Brand Lighting

RGB Color Changing SMD LED Rope Light - 120 Volt - 148 Feet

$699.99 $499.99

Our brand new 4-wire LED RGB color changing rope lights with high output SMD chips will turn your project into a stunning and vibrant work of art. With 2 controller options and a wide variety of accessories we have everything you need to add dynamic...

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Brilliant Brand Lighting

RGB Color Changing SMD LED Rope Light - 120 Volt - 65 Feet

$289.99 $259.99

Create multiple color change effects with this exclusive 4-wire RGB LED rope light spool. Rectangular PVC encases red, blue, and green SMD LEDs. Brilliant™ Brand RGB LED rope lights measure 3/4 inch x 3/8 inch and can be cut at 39 inch intervals...

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Color changing 120-volt LED RGB rope lights are one of our best sellers. This hard to find 4-wire rope light product consist of 3 different color LEDs staggered throughout the rope light. The repeating pattern is blue/green side by side, then one red. Independently control each LED color using a standard RGB mini controller or step it up a notch with our outdoor RGB LED rope light multi-function controller. Use the multi-function remote to wirelessly change colors or select patterns, flashing, fading, and more.

Our 120-volt LED RGB rope lights have a rectangular shape and are made from high quality, flexible PVC. Customize your length in intervals of 39 inches all the way up to 148 feet on a single run.

Available in three lengths:
65‘ Bulk Spools - RGB Rope Light
148’ Bulk Spools - RGB Rope Light
Custom Cut Lengths - RGB Rope Light