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Birddog Lighting Contributes To Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

On Sunday, April 17th the crew from ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition met with the Hall family in Kansas. Carl & Stacey have four great kids who all share an enthusiasm for athletics. About one year ago, the Hall family was driving back from a basketball tournament when tragedy struck. The brakes on the SUV they were driving suddenly locked up and the vehicle rolled. Carl took the brunt of the impact as the SUV came crashing down on his side of the car and he was paralyzed from the neck down. Out of all the challenges the Hall family has faced since the accident, being forced to move from their home to a more accessible single floor condo has taken a heavy toll. The condo, though accessible from all entrances, was really too small for someone in a wheelchair to navigate. The high school sweetheart couple hadn't even been able to share a bed since the accident. And, they were sleeping in a converted garage.

Birddog Lighting generously donated over $2,000 worth of LED Strip Lighting for the kitchen, girl's room, and rec room. For this build, no demolition was necessary because a plot of land was generously donated for the Halls and the family was sent to Orlando, FL to vacation while their new home was constructed. Carl (Dad) was an all-star baseball player through his four years at Wichita State and was thrilled to visit a few Major League teams that were in spring training on their trip. Carl had mentioned Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees as one of his role models and Paul Dimeo, one of the designers, even flew down to help introduce him to Carl and his family.

While the family vacationed in Florida, crews back in Kansas were feverishly working to create a home where Carl could function independently and enjoy the freedom to move throughout the house. Utilizing a sip-n-puff device similar to the mouth piece Carl uses to move his wheelchair, Brent Bushnell of Syn-Labs was able to modify a pitching machine which allowed Carl to pitch to his kids!

Voice activated technology was installed throughout the house which allows Carl to complete many of the simple tasks we take for granted every day. Using this technology, Carl is able to turn on and off the lights, open doors, adjust the thermostat, and even raise and lower his side of the bed.

Early in the build Carl had said, "When you have lemons you gotta make lemonade, and I love lemonade!" and when the family entered their new kitchen they found pitchers of lemonade and a bright yellow hue cover the walls. Since the family is so sports oriented, the design team created a family mascot that was based on the pet lizard of the Hall's youngest son.

Sears donated funds for the renovation of a ball field where Carl played as a kid. The field was renamed Carl Hall Family Sports Complex in honor of the family. On the way back to the house, the family stopped by Carl's alma mater and he was surprised by an induction into the Shockers Hall of Fame.

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