LED Lighting Projects

Submit Your Project

If you’ve created your own custom lighting project and would like to show it off you can submit your photos for inclusion in our lighting projects gallery. Email your photos to projects@birddogdistributing.com.


LED Strip Lighting

Holiday Lighting Displays

customer created holiday lighting displays

Halloween Lighting Displays

Halloween Lighting Displays created by customers using various accent lighting products.

Landscape Lighting

Need ideas and inspiration on how to light up the outdoors? Check out some projects our customers have been doing with our lights below.

Exterior Lighting

Various exterior lighting projects by our customers using rope and strip lights.

Interior Lighting

Interior lighting projects created by our customers using a variety of our lighting products.

Custom Rope Light Motifs

Custom lighting motif designs created by customers using rope lights

Special Lighting Projects

Special lighting projects created by our customers

Signage Lighting

Signs created by our customers using Rope and Strip Lights.

Commercial LED Lighting

Commercial LED lighting projects