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Maggie Morrison

Maggie is a professional writer who has long been involved in the field of interior design. Although she earned a journalism degree and held several positions as a staff writer at an array of publications around the country, she has found that reporting on design trends has piqued her interest more than any other industry.

Maggie maintains that one of the best ways to instantly change the look of a room begins with lighting, and has executed this notion in most of her work. The mother of four also loves quilting and attending her children’s soccer games on the weekend.


David Finkel

Ever since David purchased his first home 30 years ago, he has lived by one mantra – decorate your home, and decorate it well. Throughout the years as he moved into bigger and more accommodating spaces, he has made sure that every room in his home allowed his guests to feel comfortable and at ease.

When not researching new and exciting trends in interior design, David spends his days gardening and nights watching classic foreign films. He is also an accomplished runner and has participated in more than five marathons throughout the last three years.


Cody Ellwood

Cody has been involved in the home design and construction industry in some capacity since he was 16 years old. After earning a business degree at Syracuse University, he took his talents to home construction where he has built his reputation with homes that use sustainable and energy-efficient materials.

Cody found an immediate interest in eco-friendly lighting, and has advocated for its usage in publications and business settings for years. When he’s not out at the job site, Cody is an avid lacrosse player, and spends much of his free time coaching youth recreational leagues.


Owen Halligan

The direction of Owen