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Side Socket Surge Protector

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A side socket swivel outlet is perfect for use behind furniture, appliances, and other hard to reach places. This Deluxe Side Socket surge protector fits standard 3-prong wall outlets and has a unique swivel function on one side for even more versatility.
Operating Instructions:
  1. Plug GFCI into a standard 120 VAC power outlet.
  2. Verify that the red LED indicator turns on. This indicates power to the GFCI output receptacle.
  3. Press the test button and verify that the red LED light turns off.
  4. Press and release the reset button and verify that the red LED indicator turns on.
  5. The GFCI is now ready to use.

If the GFCI fails to trip (turn off) when the test button is pressed or fails to reset (turn on), the device is defective and should not be used.
If the GFCI tests properly without a load applied but trips each time a load is connected, then the load has a ground fault condition and needs to be repaired or replaced. DO NOT bypass the GFCI if this condition occurs. A real shock hazard may exist.

Important Notes:
Shock Buster GFCI products will provide protection against ground faults when used with a 2-wire receptacle and a 3-wire to 2-wire adapter. However, it is best to use a 3-wire grounded outlet for ground fault circuit interrupters equipped with a ground pin. It will provide additional protection against electrical shock hazards.

Shock Buster GFCI products will not sense ground fault conditions on the input conductors; therefore, it is recommended that all additional extension cords should be connected to the GFCI output.

This device is to be used on normal distribution systems 120VAC/15AMPS 60HZ maximum.

The GFCI is a safety device. Do not use the TEST and RESET buttons as an on/off switch.

All Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters do not protect against electrical shock resulting from contact with both current-carrying conductors of an electrical circuit.

Do not connect any extension cord longer than 100 feet to the GFCI output to avoid the possibility of nuisance tripping.

Test frequently and before each use to ensure proper operation.

Do not use where water may enter the GFCI case.

Do not modify or immerse this device.

Do not exceed electrical rating.

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