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Premium LED Clear End Cap with Shrink Tubing (3-pack)

Premium LED Clear End Cap with Shrink Tubing (3-pack)

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LED Clear End Cap with Shrink Tubing (3-pack)

  • Use with 1/2 inch 2-Wire LED Rope Lights

Assembly Instructions for the End Caps
In order to join the rope light with the end cap, the rope light must be cut in one of the places specifically marked for this purpose. Use a sharp pair of cutting pliers and ensure that the cut is clean and vertical. Never connect the rope light to the electrical supply before the end cap in securely installed.

1.To secure the end piece, apply sealant to about 3/8" section at the end of the rope light and push the end piece on to this. To assure a tighter weather seal, apply a bead of sealant on the end of the end cap where the rope enters the cap. Ensure that the sealant is hardened sufficiently. Push the shrink tube over the end piece and the rope light piece and apply heat to the shrink tube.

2.Connectors and joints can only withstand a limited amount of mechanical pressure.

3.Now push half of the shrink tube over the power supply cable and half over the rope light and apply heat.

For outdoor or wet locations use silicone sealant and/or weatherproof heat tape kit. Failure to seal your connections in a wet environment will void the warranty.
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