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120v LED Strip Light Cut Marks 120v LED Strip Light Accessory Kit

Brilliant 120 Volt SMD-3528 LED Strip Light - 65 Feet

Item # STRP12035-20CW
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(5 reviews)  

Also known as LED tape lights or LED ribbon lights, our 65 foot spools of SMD-3528 LED strip lights are an ideal solution for your smaller custom projects. Standard brightness SMD-3528 chips will provide you with uniform directional light. Complete 65 foot kit comes with power cord and end cap already attached. Available in several colors.

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Experience the advantage that SMD (Surface Mount Device) LEDs have to offer. Now available in 120 volt, SMD LED strip lights will become the premier linear lighting choice for do-it-yourselfers and contractors alike.

Brilliant SMD-3528 LED strip lights feature 60 standard intensity LED chips every 30 inches or about 1 LED every half inch and consume only 1.3 watts per foot. Need to dim your lights? No problem. Visit our 120 volt LED strip light accessory page for our full listing of accessories.

Have a custom lighting project that you dont want the hassle of cutting to length yourself? Let us do it for you. Visit our custom cut LED strip light page to order any cuttable length.

Included Accessories:
  • (1) 2 foot Standard Power Cord with Power Connector (Includes inline rectifier)
  • (1) End Cap


Mounting clips, track, and additional accessories sold separately.

Product Installation:

Please see our LED Strip Light Installation Guide to learn tips and techniques for customizing and installing your 120 volt SMD3528 LED strip lights.

  • Length: 65 feet
  • Input: 120 Volt
  • Lifetime: 50,000 hours
  • Power Consumption: 1.3 watts per foot
  • Cutting Intervals: 19.5 inches
  • Beam Angle: 120°
  • Temperature Rating:-60F - 220F
  • Dimmable: Yes
  • Dimensions:0.38 inch X 0.25 inch
  • Bulb Placement: Directional
  • Bulb Spacing: 0.56 inch
  • Max Run Length: 330 feet
  • Lumen Output: 4-6 Lm per LED
  • Waterproof Rating: IP44 (What's this?)
  • LEDs/Meter:60 LEDs/M
  • UV Protected:Yes
  • Color Temperature [?]:
    Cool White
    Warm White
  • Wavelength:

Calculate Total Amperage Determine the total amperage and wattage of your run of lights.

Calculate Max Run Length Calculate the maximum length on a single run of lights.

Average customer rating
(5 reviews)  

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John Crum
Feb 17, 2015
This product appears well-made and works as expected.

Advantages: The color temperature is similar to incandescent light. Seems like great alternative to low voltage LED strip lighting since it doesn't require transformer or suffer voltage drop with long runs.

Disadvantages: It can only be cut at one meter intervals.
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Don Garner
Feb 11, 2015
Used these for indirect cove lighting controlled by a dimmer. They worked great with a full range of dimming using a Lutron CL dimmer. I was able to set the dimmer trim control to it's minimum with no flicker or drop outs. I would caution, don't use a dimmer with an internal LED "switch locator light". I first tried a Cooper dimmer with this light. These lights remain on (although very dim) with just the current passing through the switch's LED. Made for a great night light, but sort defeats the purpose of efficiency lighting when they remain on all the time.

Advantages: Full range of dimming, simple to cut into custom lengths

Disadvantages: Not suitable for illuminated dimmer switches
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Lynette Grenier
Oct 31, 2014
Great lights.
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Mr. Stephen Gulsvig
Sep 18, 2014
Birddog is easy to deal with, ships on time, and everything is as described. The Blue LED spool I ordered worked perfectly in my application. It is a very, very BLUE light, so just remember that when you order a color, it is not a washed out one, it is very bright.

Advantages: The LED strips are nice because you can cut them to exact, custom lengths.

Disadvantages: Sometimes the parts that are needed vs. suggested can be confusing on this site. Various connectors and power units can be used, depending upon your application. Connections can be tricky.
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hugh smith
Sep 18, 2014
I installed the led's around my deck. We grill after dark quite often and the light would enable us to use the space more effectively. The installation went smoothly, they were easy to install.
After about 6 months, there started to be sections of the lights failing. Entire foot long sections would loose brightness while the sections on both sides remained bright. This has continued until now where only one section, the one at the end, farthest from power still retains its original brightness. All of the LED's still emit light, so I believe that there has been some sort of failure in the internal electronics.

Advantages: Easy to install, nice light, made the space more usable.

Disadvantages: The lights have failed - got dim- in foot long sections over the 18 months since I installed them.
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