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ALL NEW FOR 2016! Incorporating new and advanced LED technologies into the perfect flexible linear lighting solution, 120 Volt LED Strip Lights are the best choice for your project. SMD LED Neon is highly adaptable, it's small size and high degree of flexibility along with it's near indestructible design allows you to use it in the most demanding of locations.
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Need to customize your lights? SMD LED Neon strip lights can be cut in 39" intervals, has a variety of SMD LED Neon strip light accessories, and can be installed using aluminum or plastic track or aluminum mounting clips. SMD LED Neon Strip Lights are available in seven brilliant colors so getting creative while personalizing your accent lighting project is easy. Encased in a UV resistant PVC coating, 120 volt LED strip lights are available with an IP44 weather resistant rating and are safe to use in both indoor and outdoor applications.